Nintendo Confirms Short Wii U GamePad Range

According to Nintendo's Bill Trinen, the maximum effective range for the Wii U GamePad will only be 24 feet.


A bit of clarification: The Wii U GamePad's effective range is considered "short" compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3

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ninjabake2225d ago

It has been confirmed for 8 meters. How that is considered "short" is beyond me. In any case, why would you be sitting that far away from the system to begin with?

ozstar2225d ago


Explains it all, i thought.

inb4its2late2225d ago

Yeah that's not short for regular gaming needs. For most purposes its no big deal. But unfortunately it will not reach all areas in my house nor on my back deck while i am outside with friends which would be cool.

NoFanboyRequired2224d ago

Just move the wii closer to the deck. Pretty sure you wont need to hook it up to the tv with that secondary screen :p

Baka-akaB2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

" In any case, why would you be sitting that far away from the system to begin with? "

One of the hyped feature of the wii u is the ability to play precisely without the screen and switch back onto the tablet's screen when otherwise busy .

So no , while understandable , it is a tad dissapointing that you can't just go around the house as freely as hoped with it .

Outside_ofthe_Box2225d ago

Exactly. It was a highlighted feature. It's disappointing that you are limited to how far you can take the gamepad in the house, but at the end of the day the Wii U is a console after all.

ninjabake2225d ago

Great point! But I'm not so sure Nintendo themselves ever came out and said "you can play anywhere with this thing" it was more of an emphasis on simply being able to stream games directly from the TV to the gamepad alone. I didn't hear much, if anything, about it having a very large range nor did I hear Nintendo touting it. Either way one would think since they bring the feature up that it would be able to have far range so I see where your coming from. But you know what they say about assumptions...

CalvinKlein2225d ago

Im not sure, I may have to move it closer to my pool to use it while I float around.

Muigi2224d ago

You do know they're not selling extra gamepads right?

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boybato2225d ago

who plays more than 8 meters away from their TVs?

ChickeyCantor2225d ago

You take the screen with you remember?

8 meters/24 foot radius. I welcome this. I can play my games and move around in the house.

f7897902225d ago

That's 24 unobstructed feet. You have to stay in the living room.

boybato2225d ago

my point was if you are playing while the cross controller function is being used i do not see anyone playing that far away from their tv sets.

Of course, it might be short to some specially those who would like to pause and continue their game on the crapper.

rainslacker2225d ago


are you sure there can't be obstructions? This would indicate the controller works on an line of sight principle which would be really dodgy for a controller. I assumed it would work on a closed network radio signal...similar to bluetooth or wireless network. I know there's a sensor bar but I thought that was just for the motion control properties of the controller.

NiKK_4192224d ago

@rainslacker You do realize that the signal for both Bluetooth and Wifi gets degraded through obstructions also, right?

rainslacker2224d ago


Yeah I'm aware. Was just hoping for some clarification...for instance can the tablet be used in the next room...say 10 feet from the console but no line of sight.

beerkeg2224d ago

'@rainslacker You do realize that the signal for both Bluetooth and Wifi gets degraded through obstructions also, right? '

That hasn't stopped me turning on my ps3 in my front room accidentally when I've used my dualshock with my pc which is in a room upstairs. There's a fair amount of distance and obstruction in between those rooms as well.

rainslacker2224d ago


I guess I'll just ask the straight out question.

Does the Wii U controller require line of sight?

hence the reason for my original comment on f789790's post, since he stated you had to stay in the living room. Personally don't care about the actual obstructed distance so long as I can carry around the Wii U controller to another room.:)

Also I go to the kitchen during long dialogue scenes in some games just pressing the X button so I don't have to sit there and watch them sometimes.:) I love the dualshock.

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ChickeyCantor2225d ago

It's not meant for that obviously. It's meant for when you play it solely on your gamepad. It's more convenient for homes who have complex structures.

CalvinKlein2225d ago

my spa is 15 meters from my TV.

AO1JMM2225d ago

24 feet away from the console/TV is considered "short"?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Hey,, hey, i love playing my games at precisely 25 feet away from the TV. Well my WiiU experience is ruined :/

lolz jk JK JK >_< 24 feet is more than enough. My whole house is about 24 feet.... -___-" Yeah I don't earn much..

PirateThom2225d ago

It's short when there was a lot of talk of kids playing games on the screen from their rooms and also being able to use this around the house...

timothylittle2225d ago

Exactly. I think a lot of people expected to be able to do that. Personally, I'm fine with the 24' range

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