Hawken about to enter beta? writes: Those who enlisted and reserved their callsigns earlier this year could be on the verge of entering the beta, as automated emails were sent asking users to update their contact details and jump into the new Hawken community site.

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Jio2275d ago

Can't wait! I always love the opportunity to sign up early. I get a cool username without any numbers.

ATi_Elite2275d ago

The problem right now with PC Gaming is:

Way too many Great Betas to participate in that I lack the time to enjoy the Betas and my favorite PC Games.

Hawken is gonna be hot so I guess I'll stop playing something.

taquito2275d ago

cool. definatly excited for this, got my callsign a while back :)

Vladplaya2275d ago

Yeah they are about to enter beta, I got my invitation today! Aaaahhhh Yeahhhh!