Microsoft May Lower Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Pricing to $79

Microsoft Corp. may lower the pricing of its add-on HD DVD drive for Xbox 360 game console to $79, as that is the price-point at which a big online store (i.e., Amazon) is selling the device now. The price slash would be logical for Microsoft, as manufacturer suggested retail price for a fully-fledged HD DVD player from Toshiba starts at $149.

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OC_MurphysLaw4330d ago

**Blinks repeatedly, shakes head** It's a little too late.

SRT4Chris4014330d ago

If they did this a year ago they might have given the HD market a chance. I'm not paying $179 for that drive if all it's gonna do is play movies. Cause they need start looking for a larger format for they're games.


who in their right mind would buy this

Tone4330d ago

wheres the UK price drop then?

Grrrrrrrrrr :/

deeznuts4330d ago

Hmm, I'm a big blu supporter, but if it hits low enough I might bite. I want me some Battlestar Galactica in HD.

BigBoy20004330d ago

It'll be on blu-ray soon enough.

OC_MurphysLaw4330d ago

Unlike BigBoy2000 who apparently doesnt want to save are right. At $80 for the player why not get it? Seriously, Amazon right now is offering up a ton of titles at 50% off on HD-DVD and if you were able to get it for $80 with the 5 free movie deal?

If you own a 360 why in the heck wouldnt you get it? Who cares if its a dying format? You will have the movies regardless ...and most likely at half the price you would pay to get it on Blu Ray.

I get its a dying format. I even think this is a too late move. But for those who can take advantage of it...why not. Really if you like movies then go for it, cause the HD-DVD price slashes are going to continue to get better and better on movies.

BigBoy20004330d ago

cause this here's a fire sale! Ha ha!

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The story is too old to be commented.