9.0 Game Review - NHL 13

We don't have real hockey but, we do have video game hockey! With over 20 years experience making hockey games on pretty much every platform known to man, you would think that EA would run into some difficulty thinking of innovations to put into the series. This couldn't be further from the truth this year with the additions of True Performance Skating and GM Connected. Are these big additions to the series enough to keep fans happy or is the NHL series finally losing steam?

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rataranian2221d ago

Played the demo. Nothing special. Same copy and paste crowd, a lot of the same animations, graphics are the same. Same game since 2010 really. Maybe I'm not a hockey technical master but it looks and plays the same as all the other ones.

Bebedora2221d ago

Odd numbered NHL 'XX usually are worse than the even ones (my experience)

I can only say something about my own impression from the demo:

1) You get glued to the boards while skating. A thing from the past, NHL '97 ? Not as bad at all, but still, I can see myself get frustrated.

2) The passing was below average in accuracy.

With this in mind, I will wait a while and hear what impressions there will be from others. Time will tell.

rataranian2221d ago

I found it retarded that you can still score from like 97 feet away from the net like 3 out of 5 times. Talk about taking the realism out of the game. Like is the goalie even awake?

Bebedora2221d ago

Haha! I never exploited that feature. But, yeah. I can see that spoil the game.