Unofficial multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 causes hilarity, riot

ARS - The UK's Red Bull site has an interview up with the indie gaming creators of an unsupported but awesomely functional multiplayer modification for Just Cause 2, the sandbox game which lets players run and drive and fly and swim around the huge (and hugely detailed) fictional island of Panau. The game provides an engaging (and often hilarious) single player experience wherein the player, in the role of one-liner slinging, grappling-hook-equipped, secret agent Rico Rodriguez, takes on a series of missions from various sources and blow lots and lots of things up.

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MurDocINC2318d ago

Been meaning to try this for some time. But with 1800 player server, I gotta try this now!

1nsaint2318d ago

Lol redbull sticks their nose anyhere they can xD first sports now gaming, they are a drink for god sakes