Will Apple’s iPhone 5 Revolutionize Mobile Gaming with ‘Console Quality’ Graphics? Not Likely

Time - You have to hand it to Apple — the company knows how to move mobiles. In just five years, it’s sold over 244 million iPhones, and according to ComScore, iPhone users accounted for 12.4% of all U.S. mobile subscribers last February — more impressive than it sounds because you’re talking about one platform, not a bunch of unrelated models.

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remanutd552225d ago

lol iphone5 is a joke, i was expecting something better.

ABizzel12225d ago

GT PSVita should look as good if not better. PSV has similar specs. as the iPhone & iPad, but uses an enhanced version of the same GPU, and a Quad Core CPU rather than a Dual Core.

Ron_Danger2223d ago

Forget GT Vita for now (although it'll probably be a beast when it comes out) and just look at look at the next NFS coming out on Vita... Criterion are putting other developers to shame with what they are achieving

Muffins12232225d ago

No,maybe the next iphone that has a better graphics card may be close to vita graphics....but still wont have the games or controls a mobile gaming machine has :|

JBSleek2224d ago

If Apple had a competent gaming ecosystem like what Gamecenter should be but with better functionality than they would be primed to take mobile gaming by storm even then they still will dominate in sales just from the numbers the iPhone 5 will sell.

The graphics are likely to beat the top phones but that will be short because of how fast the mobile world moves. I'm interested to see what Epic does as they like to push the graphics and the games are cheaper so you aren't breaking the bank.

fabod862224d ago

"power is nothing without control"(cit.) ;)

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