Fitch upgrades Sony as PS3 recovers

Fitch Ratings late Wednesday upgraded Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp., judging that the company's video games and core electronics businesses were finally getting back on track.

Fitch gave Sony a long-term debt rating of A-, the seventh out of 22 levels, moving it up a category from the earlier BBB+. The outlook was stable, meaning a reassessment is not expected soon.

"Fitch believes that Sony is regaining some of the strengths in the electronics business that the company was renowned for in the past," it said in a statement.

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StormSoldier4325d ago

love that company love the products they make me happy and thats all to it.Trust eM

zambrota4325d ago

starting from OLED,BLU RAY to PS3 is expected to emarge as a winner in almost all categories.

Not to forget that ROLLY has become a massive success in Japan

In GAMING BIZ 2008 sees SONY at best at no1 outgunning wii in europe/japan/usa and at worst at no2 with just EUROPE in its bag and second in Japan and usa

However with ff13,mgs4 ,kz2 and resistance 2 it is hard to even imagine that SONy might come second in gaming biz

GT5 will make a very huge impact in europe. I wont be surprised if it alone sells 5m+ copies there in THIS YEAR

All in all a fantastic year for SONY is on the horizon.

SONY despite its major killer apps (ofcourse Uncharted and Ratchet are AAAs but not just console movers everywhere. UNCHARTED however did move consoles in europe) ps3 came second last year .

so pessimism about ps3 shouldnt even exist


The_Engineer4325d ago

of anyone selling you their products is that they:

a. stand behind them

b. provide a reliable product in the first place

Sony delivers on both counts


i should be payed to analyze the gaming industry.
I would at least be right in my predictions compared to all these guys.

Le-mo4325d ago

Everybody is stucking up to Sony now? What happened to all the negativity? People should learn to never doubt Sony when it comes to gaming. Just look at their past history.

zambrota4325d ago

"everyone leaves you in your time of misery" ----well but SONY never had any misery except the MALICIOUS EXAGGERATED REPORTS by some BIASED MEDIA

people found out that pessimism about ps3 was just a myth so they are JUMPING IN

There is no stopping with the killer PS3 lineup this year

ravinash4325d ago

its all about being on the winning team....and what better way to do that than kicking'em while their down.

Jamaicangmr4325d ago

These Sony suck up articles are just funny to me. The more i read them i feel old because this is basically what happened when the PS2 came out.

So i guess this along with many of my fellow gamers are the ultimate analists because we forsaw this from the start. However those limited prospective media type folks couldn't.

Skerj4325d ago

Pretty much the same thing we were saying last year, I knew this would happen.

games4fun4325d ago

i feel old now of the ps brand is going to do fine

ThatArtGuy4325d ago

I feel old when people start talking about Nintendo shortages. I remember when the supposed "chip shortage" happened for Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. It was Nintendo's first effort to manufacture demand. Now it's happening all over again with the Wii. "Those who fail to remember the past..." and all that, you know.

Jamaicangmr4325d ago

Yeah the PS3 is too expensive well the same was said about the PS2 and even PS1. The PS3 has no games again samething was said when the PS2 was launched. Many said the PS2 was just a cheap DVD player. Sound's familiar doesn't it guys? lol!

The multiplatform games where lookin better on the Dreamcast early on out. Then developers learnt the hardware and all that changed sounds familiar again doesn't it?

Many just needed to look ahead and come up with their own forcast of what the future may hold. Stop riding the hype of Sony doom that the media created because based on experience they're just as cluless as some of us.

I got a 60GB PS3 Manufactured January 2007 almost 20 games and waitin to pick up many games this year. Yeah am very happy PS3 owner. Oh yeah i play online for free. lol!

games4fun4325d ago

i know but the sad thing is they did well by building hype and they will sell well now that was why i made sure to have a playstation instead

venum4325d ago

It's a kind of bis repetitas.
It's more and less the same story as the PS2. It's always the same thing when the architectures, the technologies change. The beginning is not really amazing (the car with the first explosion engine were not faster as the steam engine vehicles), then you learn how to use the new tool and doing very quick improvement. That's true for science too. It's more complex at the beginning but after creating the tool to handle this new stuff, we can see massive improvement.

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Nykamari4325d ago

Happened to the DreamCast! I see it coming again, Bye-Bye XBOX360 try agian Micro$oft.

PSWe604325d ago

I agree with everyone's comments above this one.
This will probably happen again when the PS4 launches.
Flowers bloom, children play and people's a cycle

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