GI - An Exclusive Look At Metroid Blast's Battle Mode

GI - Previously shown at E3 2011 as Battle Mii, the shooter-focused Nintendo Land attraction has since morphed into a full-blown Metroid homage. This exclusive trailer focuses on the Deep Space Shootout mode which pits on-foot players against a player flying Samus' spaceship.

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DwightOwen2317d ago

Wow, that actually looks fun, and the framerate is liquid smooth. I'm not so disappointed about it being a pack-in now.

ninjabake2317d ago

The content in metroid blast alone makes nintendoland a decent value as a pack-in. Wish it had online multiplayer but it will suffice. Its a good little baby gears of war with the horde mode and deathmatch. It looks dope.

Studio-YaMi2317d ago

That framerate is SUPERB :O ! way to go Nintendo :D !

stuntman_mike2317d ago

frame rate is real smooth, i know the graphics are not out of this world but ive seen worse that runs terrible.