Destructoid - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 looks nice on the Wii U

Destructoid - I got a quick look Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Wii U and it looked like... Tekken Tag Tournament 2. With that established, I went hunting for news!

There was no confirmation that the game would support a dedicated "off-TV" mode to free the TV for other uses. That said, the GamePad displays the game at all times regardless, so if you want to watch something else on the TV, you'd just need to leave the Wii U running and change the input on the set. There may be a dedicated "off-TV" option by the time the game launched on Nov. 18th, so we'll see.

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LX-General-Kaos2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I as a loyal Nintendo Elite supporter am honored to have Namco bless the Nintendo fanbase with the first ever Tekken title for a Nintendo home console. No longer do Nintendo supporters have to sit on the sidelines while others enjoy this work of art, as we are now able to participate in this slice of purified greatness. Hopefully this will also open doors for many other 3rd party multiplat or future Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive fighting experiences in the future.

From the looks of things in the video above. The enabled extra screen combined with Nintendo platform exclusive new features lands this version of Tekken Tag 2 as the likely possible superior version of this title. A real treat for the Nintendo Elite fighting fan.

Day one purchase when available wherever videogames are sold.

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LOGICWINS2320d ago

The tablet controller will help set the Wii U apart when the PS4/720 arrive. It opens up new gameplay experiences that won't be found on other consoles.

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

That is hard to say at this point. Just like how last generation competing consoles launched a form of motion controls eventually. Other next generation consoles may very well borrow Nintendos groundbreaking innovations once more, and use a touch screen controller as standard practice. I suppose we will find out if the competing corporations have anything to show us this E3 2013.

Last generation has shown that adding a once unique feature too late in the console life cycle does not promise success. The trick is to make said feature standard. That lesson was learned the hard way last generation, a mistake that wont likely happen again.

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colonel1792320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )


Sony is already implementing "asymmetrical gameplay" with LBP by using the PS Vita as a controller with a screen, just like the Wii U. Although I think that the update for LBP is a much better way of showcasing asymmetrical gameplay than anything Nintendo has shown so far for the Wii U, it demonstrate how Nintendo is setting the example for next generation.

Microsoft also, in a different way, has done the same thing with Smart Glass. Something that without the unveiling of the Wii U last year, wouldn't have been present at this year's E3. It is used differently, but the purpose is the same.

In my opinion, what Sony showed with LBP cross-controller and what Ubisoft has done with Rayman Legends, it gets me excited to see what more can it be done with a screen on the controller. That is a big advantage for Nintendo, if they entice developers to make good use of it.

On the other side, if Nintendo fails to make developers use the Wii U Gamepad properly, it will happen just as the Wii that everybody was excited about the Wii Remote, but after a few years nobody cared to do a proper game for it except for Nintendo, and a lot of developers will prefer to us the Wii U Pro controller instead, making the Wii U meaningless.

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Thats why I am predicting that future next generation consoles will be borrowing the idea of the standard Tablet controller present on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Last generation consoles may be playing catch up in that regard, but it still sets the stage for future consoles, and is pretty much setting the standard early on.

A lot of people seem to have mixed reactions over Nintendos tablet control functions. Some go as far as to disrespect Nintendos new innovative product just as they did with the Ninteno Wii mote. Until a similar concept was present on their platform of choice. But when these said controllers are standard across all consoles next gen, I would like to see what the people have to say about it. I actually love the idea and hope that others embrace it as well.

When it comes to other developers using the tablet controller properly, I have no fear of things going south. Unlike motion controls, the tablet is more of an assist to actual gameplay with a standard game pad. Not forcing you to completely change the way that you experience your game. Just giving you more of an option if you feel like participating in something new. The tablet controller still has all of the functions of a standard controller for those of who would not like any change to their gameplay mechanics.

AKA Tekken will still play as Tekken with the use of the touch screen functions or not.

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Bigpappy2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

@ LX-General-Kaos, you are the coolest PR guy ever to come to N4G. You are definately not a 'Fanboy'.

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago

Thank you for the support and positive outlook good sir. I hope that you also get to experience and enjoy your copy of Tekken Tag 2 as well.

ritsuka6662320d ago

you are the coolest PR guy ever to come to N4G. You are definately not a 'Fanboy'.
Kudo's! "


killerhog2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Remote play says says hi buddy. Love how remote play turned into a nintendo idea. I called this a while back when everyone kept calling it the "Nintendo experience" although Sony did remote play. Only difference is touch screen, there was a game too that if you connect the psp and used it as a controller it showed a map on the psp screen.

Also Nintendo doesn't have a big fighting game community outside of smash bros (tatsunuko vs Capcom anyone?), so once again tekken on ps3 will outsell the other platforms.

Also my brother is the biggest tekken fanboy and has all tekken games and is ranked pretty high with an excellent record and this wasn't enough to have him running to a wiiU

Still doesn't change the fact that Sony pushed to it first, but you guys want to omit that and call it "nintendos idea" because its slightly better than where it started at (psp)? Also failing to see that the vita can push the same or more?

vallencer2320d ago

In all fairness remote play sucked hard on the psp in fact it was pretty much non existent what so ever on the psp. The experience Nintendo is offering is also a bit different than what sony is offering. Well at least with the psp's remote play but with Vita it's definently closer now. One example of things that are different is how Black Ops 2 is using it for split screen. As far as i know Vita isn't using their remote play like that. All in all though they aren't too terribly far away from each other but i believe the Wii U still has sony's remote play beat.

vallencer2320d ago

Well if you wanna get real technical then Nintendo actually started it first with the Gameboy hook ups but hey what do i know.

killerhog2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Hooks ups of electonics have been done way before nitendo. Just like handhelds existed before the game boy. But could you play non gameboy games using the gameboy? Or control the consoles via the gameboy? Did games show maps or items on the gameboy screen when you played a non gameboy game? Nitendo just did what has been done already connect an electronic to other electronics. But. Nintendo does it all right?

Technically all Nintendo did was allow you to connect handhelds to trade pokemons or see the game you're playing on your handheld on tv not *remoteplay*. And Nintendo was not the creator of either.

vallencer2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

First killerhog you should relax lol. Secondly i never said nintendo does it all but now that you bring it up they pretty much do. Theres a reason no one remembers the handhelds before Nintendo it's because they weren't done well. And yeah of course you could hook things up to electronics before Nintendo but as for gaming goes you could not because sony never made a handheld until the PSP so where do you think remote play came from hmm?? Also as to your third question yes they did but it was only one and it was the Legend of Zelda four swords adventure. All im saying is that without the gameboy hook ups Sony might not have ever done remote play because it wasn't done before that. Nintendo is a trend setter weather you want to admit it or not. Just look at the Wii for the perfect example.

Also never said they were the creator but as i did say where do you think remote play came from?? competition breeds creativity and without the gameboy hook ups Sony might never have thought to go "hey lets take it one step further and make it to where you can control your ps3 with your psp."

ninjabake2320d ago

Remote play IS a Nintendo thing man LOL I know its easy to forget the gamecube days, but the cube wouldn't have sold the little it did had it not had the GBA player. You could also use your gameboy as a controller. That feature alone had me interested in the gamecube and I was a PS2 fanboy and also owned an Xbox but didn't look twice at GC.

When it comes to Tekken selling better on PS3, I would have to agree with you. Tekken is still a PlayStation game to me. Its still weird seeing it on other systems.

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NBT912320d ago

It will not be the superior version; unless it has all the DLC, and it will have to play very well on that huge controller which is unlikely to be honest, and yeah you could use the pro controller but it kind of defeats the point of the wii u... And even then it's not going to feel nice.

Even so; this game is fantastic and Nintendo gamers are in for a real treat considering it launches on the release date. It's probably the best wii u launch game, I'm only just starting to really get into it after two days, it really is packed with stuff to do for a fighter game.

360ICE2320d ago

Not sure if jokingly overdoing enthusiam or if candidate for heavy sedatives.

I as a loyal Elite Ice Cream Enthusiast am honored to have Ben & Jerry bless the Ice Cream fanbase with the first ever Key Lime Pie ice cream. No longer do we have to stare over at the Pie Eater's Table, as they consume this wonderful piece of pie.

And with the enabled ice cream bowl and the special spoons made so that you can more easily scrape the bowl, I think we're indeed looking at the superior way to process key lime pie.

Day one purchase at your local gas station.

Literally this is no less crazy than what you just wrote. Seek help. (Please understand that I'm not hating on Nintendo, bless you, I'm just hating at crazy)

Chris5582320d ago

Ah, you think Tekken is your ally Nintendo.You've merely adapted the series.Playstation was born with Tekken molded by it.

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V0LT2320d ago

The Vita is one heck of an expensive cross controller then.

demonddel2320d ago

Non Sony fans much as they hate too should really thank Microsoft for getting multiplat games that last gen they would have never seen Microsoft really made it happen for gamers on all systems

leogets2320d ago

Anti alaising seems to be gone