Forza Horizon Car Reveal Round-Up Pt. 4

VVV: "It's been roughly a month since Playground Games and Turn 10 started revealing the cars that'll be featured in Forza Horizon, and over the last few weeks there have been many awesome speed machines for us to ogle at.

Keeping with the trend, the fourth consecutive car reveal week looks set to be an absolute corker, with super saloons, poster pin-ups and lithe hot hatches from yesteryear all playing a starring role in this round-up"

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guitarded772222d ago

I am a GT5 whore for my racing sim, but I have to say I am beyond hyped for Forza Horizon. The visuals and physics of Forza in an open world arcade racer... this game is very high on my holiday list.

ChunkyLover532222d ago

Microsoft tearing up my wallet again! Day one!

GuyThatPlaysGames2222d ago

Patiently waiting for GT5/PS3 fanboys to come troll....

level 3602222d ago

Love the Corrado. Sure am going to get this game.

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