Final Fantasy XIII - The story so far

GamesRadar - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is set to continue the story of the great Claire Farron, but there are a few things you should know before stepping into the Valhalla warrior's boots. Catch up on all the whos, whats, whens, and "wtfs?" of the Square Enix's latest adventure in our Final Fantasy XIII primer.

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TheLyonKing2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Any game where you have to read notes in order to understand the story is basically defeating the purpose of gaming. This is why I mainly didn't like 13.

Gaming is a storytelling medium, you shouldn't have to read while in the game in order to understand the story you are playing through. This is why I have no interest in ff 13 saga.

TheLyonKing2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

I grew up having to read text in video games but the main diffrence is that the text you had to read back in the snes/psone version final fantasys where during gameplay, when you were progressing through the story.

While in FF 13 it is a choice in the form of notes if you want to fully understand the story (accessed via the menu) which defeats the purpose.

I loved reading through FF8, but FF 13 makes it a chore if you want to understand the story fully. instead of making it all done through progressive gameply you have to access the main menu and read notes to fully grasp it thats not gaming in any era that is just sitting and reading and is not fun.

EDIT: If they wanted to make a book I would be fine with reading it but this is gaming tell me the story through the actual game and not making me have to leave the game and read and take me out of the world.

Summons752226d ago

ummmm you didn't have to read anything in order to understand 13. I played it through my first time not reading anything and it still made perfect sense.

GrahamGolden2226d ago

we dont care about the story of 13 since its a pile of shit.

Feylynn2226d ago

I'll sum this up for everyone.
The robot was sad because it's dad left and it's disatisfied with its job of making the planet work. It wants to kill itself to meet its dad in some sort of robot heaven and quit its job.

To acomplish this the robot tortures 6 or so teenagers for 50 hours because he knows they won't actually commit to "Not killing him" because they are railroaded like they run on steam and can't not kill him.

The end because 13-2 doesn't count and I won't touch it.

FCOLitsjustagame2226d ago

Wait! There was a story?

Let’s see, I wait um...xfactor mutation... some sort of unclean people from a planet... false gods that don’t care except one that wants to destroy stuff.....but for a good reason...was it a good reason.

Hell I don’t remember. All I remember is I was Just getting into JRPGs with Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vespira and a couple of others and then the supposed best JRPG franchise kind of turned me off. Then they made a sequel…. with the worst character from the one I played….so still haven’t gone back to a JRPG.