Wii U, a Follower or a Pioneer? Does It Hold the Key to Future Successes?

GameDynamo - "People are already saying the Wii U is not a real console upgrade, that it brings nothing new to the table, that it seems way too uncomfortable to offer any kind of entertainment, and that it's made for kids. Well, I beg to differ, and let me kindly explain why."

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MightyPatapon2320d ago

Time will tell.

The next generation will be interesting.

fermcr2320d ago

Sony and Microsoft are making a huge mistake letting Nintendo release their console 1+ year before them. Sony and Microsoft are going to regret nor releasing this console this year. Nintendo is going to have a head start, and that might be decisive.

mike1up2320d ago


It does not take long for the "tables to turn" in the video game industry. With a 1+ year lead, Nintendo could either announce a big IP, or simply price-drop, the day that Sony or Microsoft announce their new consoles.

Hatsune-Miku2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Nintendo is entering a market with all of its technological attributes already in place on established consoles.

It's main gimmick which is a touch screen controller is akin to what Sony was doing on a smaller scale with remote play PSP-PS3. Now the ps vita can be used to do exactly what the main gimmick of Wii u is for but the vira has a better resolution screen, touchscreen and technology overall. The vita and ps3 combo might be slightly more expensive. It still uses an inferior wiimote at times for some games and ps move is far more superior

Nintendo is already talking about copying transferring of game from handheld to console which Sony has established on the PlayStation.

The Wii us power to hd consoles of this gen is so minute that its like ps2 to Wii where we know the Wii is more powerful but its never seen or barely noticeable. I see all multiplatform games turning out to be the same throughout all hd consoles until in 12 months or so when ps4 and xbox 720 are released. Then the Wii u will once again miss out on a lot of multiplatform games by the big name devs and have to continue getting ports from previous gen game tech. It'll be like the hd consoles to Wii again where the games will look dated on the Wii, get overlooked for next gen consoles and Nintendo have to rely on smaller third party support and 1st party.

I can wait a few months to get a proper upgrade system the ps4 and next xbox. Not only is the Wii u weak but the exclusive offering seems weak which is key.

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago


You forget that Nintendo started the console/handheld connectivity with the Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Advance entertainment systems. If I remember correctly, it had something to do with Nintendo Gamecube entertaiment system exclusive Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

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mike1up2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )



I don't think that anyone is arguing that Sony didn't have remote-play before the WiiU. The point would be that Nintendo is marketing remote-play more wisely, imo. It is an "out of the box" experience. The WiiU is also cheaper than buying the PS3-Vita combo.

The rest of your comment is 100% crystal ball. The PS4 and 720 haven't even been announced yet.

ronin4life2320d ago

I can't agree completely, as we have no idea how they are progressing on their consoles.

They may not have the capacity to release it, or rather to have finished one by now. So of course they couldn't release it without it being ready.

zebramocha2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

@lx You are right and wrong,remote play is more alike to the wiiu than the gba/gamecube connectivity.

rainslacker2320d ago

It's hard to say really. If the PS4/720 come out with much stronger hardware then it could leave the Wii U in the dust. Nintendo releasing now assures they have a stronger install base when these systems finally do arrive, which is how they'll compete during the next generation.

I don't wish to talk bad about the Wii U, and I am getting one, but I can look at the specs and know that MS/Sony's next system will be more powerful when they finally do release. That extra power has the potential to hurt the Wii U perception from a gaming standpoint.

I do believe the Wii U is strong enough to last the 2 years or so until the next generation arrives, and likely a year or two after the PS4/720 release since those systems aren't likely to take full advantage of that power until after the first year. After 5 years you'll see something new on the horizon from Nintendo if they feel they need to compete for the gamer's attention.

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firefoxprime2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

At E32012, I could've cared less. After the NYC press event, it seems Big N is finally stepping up in the core department. Last Nintendo "console" I've owned was N64. This WiiU looks decent though.

I really liked the link between eastern and western games. HUGE respect right there. Its like the PS2. Seeing as how I enter HD gaming PS3/2011, no launch day purchase here.

Bring a solid star fox, and original SuperSmashBros weighted feel, and we'll talk.

Edit: to those bayonetta haters, Nintendo revived a dead franchise...when NO ONE ELSE WOULD. Remember that.

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

The key to success lies in exclusive gaming experiences, and groundbreaking innovation. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system looks to sport both out of the box. Graphics have now reached a point where almost anything past last generation can be looked at as "good enough". People enjoy new ways to experience games, not just a fresh coat of paint. The next generation will be lead by innovation and tech. With that said, the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is very much so a qualified leader.

Here is a video from a very smart youtuber explaining why.

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Gamer-Z2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Wow good video, guy knows his stuff.


Still not excited or buying it.

SKUD2320d ago

Agree. That's a lot of money nintendo is asking for in this economy. Only thing to turn the tides is having some really great launch titles. Sadly, there are none that I'm interested in. Now its up to Sony and MS to really put there best foot forward.

linkratos2320d ago

If you think 300 is a lot, you're not gonna like the price tags on the other next gen consoles.

ShaunCameron2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Umm. That's nothing compared to what Sony and Microsoft will be charging for their next consoles.

<Now its up to Sony and MS to really put there best foot forward.>

Yup. More DLC for sale. More unfinished and broken games needing day-one patches. More high hardware failure rates. More "features" that do nothing except drive up costs. More long development cycles resulting in more vaporware and delayed games. More studios and publishers going under because even a million copies sold won't be enough to recoup costs. More hardware power but less efficiency. And more whining about the lack of innovation and ideas while supporting generic clones of successful IP's that bring nothing to the table except a new face and prettier graphics.

WiigotU2320d ago

Apple is asking for 300 bucks every new iteration on an iphone. But i'm sure Microsoft and sony are going to ask for 200 bucks on a new PS4 or Xbox.

DivineAssault 2320d ago

Im very curious about its online features.. I didnt see any cross game chat, UI, friend codes, or anything else of the sort.. Why wont they speak on these things?! Sure they say it has online play but that doesnt say much.. 3DS has online play too & look at that.. Damn u nintendo, these things are what makes ur topics stay on top.. Were looking for answers that we never find

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Nintendo has possibly learned from the internet that anything spoken of will not be good enough in the eyes of many. Even if it is something great like saving a dying franchise. Or adding a new way to control games. Staying silent until the last minute has given them great results so far, and also gives competing forces less time to borrow their awarding new features.

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DivineAssault 2320d ago

dude are u kidding me? This system is missing 20+ AAA exclusives that should be releasing on it.. Network capabilities are a serious component in todays gaming.. Speculation on them doing things is exactly whats been happening since gamecube.. The potential is there but yet they dance around important information.. How can anyone not see that theyre hiding its flaws?

LX-General-Kaos2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Every Corporation hides the flaws of its console. Nobody is innocent in that regard. Dont sit here and pretend that you dont remember all of the malfunctions, lies, and sad spins that we sat through last generation with the HD consoles. Everything from disc space, mandatory installs, failed movie formats, over heating blinking consoles, horrendous controller layouts, failed add ons, tech demos passed off as gameplay, over priced HDDs and many many more.

It is not easy launching a console. Asking for 20+ AAA exclusives out the door is seriously reaching. I want you to name one console that has accomplished that in any point in time?

Nintendo has also stepped their game up tremendously in the online department. The Nintendo Direct before E3, and the latest Nintendo Direct have proven that Nintendos online service has taken great strides. Plus its being passed out for free. Every online console thus far started from a mediocre medium and slowly build their way into a civilized structure. Give Nintendo the chance to do the same.

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psfangirl2320d ago

at lx general kaos-

lmao at "over heating blinking consoles"

ChunkyLover532320d ago

I'm sure you'll see the other companies try and copy what Nintendo does.....again.

Fanboys make more excuses than a politician, I'm sure we'll hear them all when the Wii U is selling like hotcakes, it'll probably build up a 12+ million lead before Sony or Microsoft even launch their next consoles.

Computersaysno2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

What exactly are companies meant to copy though? Touch screen gaming? Being able to use a controller with an extra screen? Its been done.

Nintendo have far less 'innovation' if you can call that with Wii U. The features they need to take off like online are already well done elsewhere.

When wii launched, I could actually understand why it sold well. It was very different. It was cheap, families loved it, it changed the way parents thought of gaming as in waving yourself about and not being lazy, promoted everyone playing together no matter their age or interest in games etc.

However all Wii U is, is a more expensive PS3 or 360 that isn't really differentiating itself very much from them like wii did.

It'll sell plenty but it'll never, ever reach the heights of Wii popularity or cultural awareness.

You can quote me on that.

PopRocks3592320d ago

"Nintendo have far less 'innovation' if you can call that with Wii U."

Not entirely true. No one's ever brought classic game controls together with both motion control and touch control all at once. Bringing these concepts that were all separate but now are all together (and making it work well) is an innovation in and of itself.

"However all Wii U is, is a more expensive PS3 or 360 that isn't really differentiating itself very much from them like wii did."

Um. No. This statement is completely untrue. The specs are already a step up above current generation consoles and last I checked, none of them have the Wii U's functionality. You can argue the Vita's cross-compatibility, but you have to buy a Vita which is almost as much as a Wii U, and the feature will not be supported nearly as much.

Besides, one of the features that will definitely appeal to families on Wii U is Nintendo TVii. Having a game console that doubles as a TV box and DVR? I happen to know a handful of dads who would love that for their family's living room.

mike1up2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

"It'll sell plenty but it'll never, ever reach the heights of Wii popularity or cultural awareness. You can quote me on that."

Okay... maybe it won't. You do also realize that there is a good chance that the PS4 and 720 won't reach Wii popularity or cultural awareness either, right? That really doesn't matter lol.

The Wii sold extremely well, but the WiiU doesn't have to "sell Wii numbers" to win next gen.

Computersaysno2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

It is true, by saying 'not entirely true' yourself you are not confident you are correct. That combination of controls is not particularly innovative. In fact can't Vita and PS3 do the same thing...motion and all.

The point is thats not really very innovative or something people have not seen before in its basic premise.

The specs are not significantly better than the current generation. Indeed, you will see a mild step at best, when we will expect to see a true major leap from other new consoles. 720p from Wii U is what we have seen for years.

Wii U is no match for a couple year old PC, let alone another generation of powerful consoles from competitors. It is more expensive, it'll have to do better than slightly better looking ports in a similar resolution...

What functionality? Touch screen? Already said vita can do this. This is a minor gimmick, as I said, its a minor thing seen before compared to the idea of motion controls which were not widespread prior to Wii...everyone has seen touch screen gaming in many different situations. It is everyday now. Not special. Mundane almost. It just doesn't have the unique marketability or excitement as motion did 5 years ago. Deny that if you can!

Having a games console that is a Tv box and DVR? What the heck is the now ancient PS3 Play Tv then? Nintendo said that you need an existing DVR for that to work. Whats your point??

Wii U just doesn't have enough storage for anyone to care to use it seriously as a DVR especially if they already have one anyway for it to work!

Please tell me you can come up with something better than a pathetic DVR functionality for a machine lacking a hard drive as a top selling point for Wii U....

Of course I don't really care how much it sells but you didn't disagree with my point that it'll never be as big as the Wii. Thats it really.

I didn't read anything from the above replies that rebut my first comment here at all.

Wii U does not differentiate itself enough nor have anything spectacular not seen before. The end.

PopRocks3592320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

How clueless. The amount of misinformation in this response of yours is astounding.

The next MS and Sony consoles aren't even announced yet. However I can tell you that the graphical leap you speak of is unheard of in this economy. It simply can't happen. Neither consumers nor manufacturers can afford it. It's naive to think this generation will see as big a leap as the last.

The Wii U has 2GB of RAM. For a gaming console with more than just the purpose of playing games, that's historically huge. Look at what the 360 and PS3 could pull off with a mere 512MB of RAM. PCs are entirely different machines. Saying a Wii U (or any dedicated gaming console for that matter) cannot compare to an old PC is like saying your blender doesn't compare to your microwave.

Oh joy, there's that overused word gimmick again. If the touch screen is such a gimmick, then why do people like the idea of playing games on the controller screen in their beds? Why do people like it for the DS/3DS/Vita but it's suddenly a gimmick for the Wii U?

How about a TV service that is free, and on a significantly more powerful console. The Wii U's modern architecture alone makes it outclass the current generation as far as hardware goes.

Okay ENOUGH with this petty "no HDD" excuse. You can plug in ANY external HDD of any variety into this machine. Anyone who uses a computer on a consistent basis has one. Why are you gabbing on about the Wii U's memory when I can just as easily plug in a TB HDD and be done with it? Are you honestly this dense? It's better than shelling out another $50 for the Wii U to have something proprietary that can't even be upgraded without going through a world of hassle, like the Xbox 360 for instance.

"Wii U does not differentiate itself enough nor have anything spectacular not seen before. The end."

Perhaps in your opinion. But thankfully this world is not the same as the one in your head where apparently your opinion is considered factual.

WiigotU2319d ago

Sony and Microsoft will release a console more expensive than the Wii U and they can't copy the way you control it people now your basically stepping on patents. Or flat out copying the competition. People will say hey why pay 300 bucks more for a console that has the same graphics or just a little better. When I can get a cheaper graphically appealing experience. With the price point and lead Nintendo has once again upped the ante on microsoft and sony.

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