Is The Wii U Worth A Day One Purchase

GR: Information overload hit the web a few days ago when Nintendo revealed a slew of new launch details for the Wii U. With a $299 price of entry and a November 18th launch date, the oncoming release of Nintendo's next piece of hardware finally feels like a reality. We learned about new exclusives, television functionality, and additional third-party support.

With this news finally out in the open, one question plagues the minds of many gamers (the rest of which clearly don't care): Should I pick up one of these bad boys on launch day? The answer to that question depends on what kind of gamer you are and what you're looking for.

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ftwrthtx2226d ago

Maybe down the road sometime, but definitely not at launch.

-Mika-2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Wow why do you have 3 disagrees but I agree with you. There no must-have titles at launch for the Wii-U or none coming out in the future. Plus there so many good games coming out for the PS3,3DS,Vita and Xbox this holiday season. So instead of spending 360 or 400+ for the WiiU. You should invest that money and just buy the games you really want on the current platforms you own. The Wii-u just doesn't have enough must-have exclusive titles right now or even in the launch window to justify buying it on day 1

PopRocks3592226d ago


Because some people disagree with his opinion? It's not like he stated a fact.

BattleAxe2226d ago


No, he pretty much stated a fact.

ronin4life2226d ago

@battle axe
He stated a fact about himself. That's a personal point: an opinion.

However, the whole agree/disagree system is just too confusing. It's hard to tell if people are disagreeing to say "It is worth is to me, so I disagree" or to say "You know nothing troll!!1!11 The wiiU is the absolute AWESOME and you should want it NAO"

We need a less vague system... @[email protected] Or fewer jerks...^_^;;

BitbyDeath2226d ago

'We need a less vague system... @[email protected] Or fewer jerks...^_^;;'

Best to just laugh with it >_<

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alexcosborn2226d ago

Agreed. Once I see the next Zelda or Metroid that blows me away I'll be sold, but until then I can wait.

knifefight2226d ago

Especially since my finances from now till like January are questionable at best.
The price is fine overall, I think, but I dunno I'll have that much disposable income to drop on a new system this year.

LOGICWINS2226d ago

The only way I'd purchase one is if it turns out that the Wii U is the lead console for GTAV.

dbjj120882226d ago

That's almost always the safe bet.... But I'm too eager of a consumer for safe bets.

MEsoJD2226d ago

Yeah, I won't be purchasing it at day one.

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ronin4life2226d ago

I think some of those points are a bit off... the launch window one does make sense, but could also be used as a reason to buy a wiiu at launch.

Rrobba2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

I can't say for sure until we know more about the online and OS and have a finalised launch games list.

However at the moment I would say this: it is not ESSENTIAL, you could wait a while without it and survive, but it IS looking like a solid console with a good launch lineup. I'm certainly more interested in it now than I was before, and that is without any Zelda or Smash Bros yet.

I normally wait a little after launch though, just to let the bugs shake off a bit.

alexcosborn2226d ago

Yeah, the online functionality is still a huge question mark. And let's face it... Miiverse isn't going to cut it.

dbjj120882226d ago

I think the aggressive updates to Nintendo's online infrastructure, like allowing people to transfer accounts between hardware (FINALLY) speaks to the way they're actively addressing the problem. 3DS online play is fluid, fast, and more importantly, without net code issues. I think the Wii U may have a rocky online start, but it'll be addressed and smoothed out in time for the next Smash Bros.

Chidori2226d ago

I think the tech alone is enough to go out and get it day one, but money doesn't flow out my behind at will...even though I would like it to. There's also few must buy ps3 games on the horizon, so even though I'm a huge Nintendo fan, I'm fine with waiting a few months to get the system. Launch title games never define a system anyway, but I think there's enough for every type of consumer picking up a Wii U within the launch window. If the Vita launch titles deserved praise, the Wii U surely deserves even more.

As long as I can afford the $350 pricetag without sacrificing the ps3 games that I plan to get, I'll be in line for a Wii U no doubt before year end.

alexcosborn2226d ago

Great points. There are plenty of great 360 and PS3 titles coming out this holiday season, which makes waiting for a Wii U a bit easier.

jboy2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Most up to date console hardware smell heating up while playing games in HD,, that has to be worth a day one for me
o yes and the number one reason is the brand which is generatiing this smell "NINTENDO"

Ace_Pheonix2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

...smell? What, are you high or something?

jboy2226d ago

you must know what im talking about then?

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