Borderlands 2: How A PC Game Should Be Done

TheScrubDaily:"It’s sickening to have to deal with a bad PC port. Dark Souls is an amazing game plagued with things like a 30 FPS cap and bad optimization. Had there not been a wealth of fixes by the community, I might have moved my controller back to the console version."

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Kamikaze82228d ago

Pitchford has actually commented that the PC game isn't a port, it's the actual game. The consoles are the ports this time around.

TheSpoiler2228d ago

I just read that on the forums. Whoops. Time to correct.

ATi_Elite2227d ago

Wow I didn't know Borderlands 2 was designed for the PC and not some CRAPPY port!

I may have to take a break from Guild Wars 2 and Takistan Life to play Borderlands 2!

I'll wait till the price drops. Steam Sale!

Megaton2227d ago

FOV adjust is a good sign. Most games don't have that, even if they have a full set of other graphics options.

Xof2227d ago

Should be required for all first-person games.

Megaton2227d ago

Yeah, it's one of the first things I do with console commands when I play Fallout 3 or NV.

taquito2227d ago

all games are made on pc and ported to console, even uncharted 3 was made,designed and crafted on a pc, then ported to work on ps3, had it been put on pc as a retail release it would have looked, ran and been an all around better game on pc like all games.

Muffins12232227d ago

But the thing is,they uslly have consoles in mind and dont bother with pc version due to it having low sells compared to console.Though borderland supports pc gamers and as a result pc version gets alot of sales.It looks like a generation ahead on the pc version :D