LittleBigPlanet Vita Review | Spong

Spong: "If you have a Vita get this game, if you haven't got a Vita, don't take too long considering if you should get one, there's a very compelling argument for the purchase that goes by the name of Little Big Planet."

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BrianC62342223d ago

I have a Vita and I want this game. Too bad Sony won't put it on their store now. They're letting stores sell the game as soon as they get it but won't put the digital version up until the 25th. Talk about stupid. They better put it up this Tuesday or they'll have a lot of angry customers. Why even bother with selling the games online if this is how they do things? Makes no sense.

colonel1792223d ago

They only update the store on tuesdays, so that's why it won't be up earlier. Stores are selling it early because they already got the shipment. Lucky for the people who wants the physical copy.

I wish the store was updated constantly with new content (whether trailers, videos, demos, etc) I find really stupid to only update one time a week. Nintendo started it with the Virtual Console on mondays. ( I think MS didn't have this model before in Xbox Live). The store should be like Sony Store on the internet, or Amazon, etc.

Hopefully next generation the store is updated regularly, just like iTunes and Google Store.

BrianC62342223d ago

Unless Sony changes their mind we still have to wait another week for the digital version. They haven't said it's going up this Tuesday. I'm fine with waiting until Tuesday, not a week from Tuesday.

dragon822223d ago

This game is amazing!!!! Loving every minute of it so far.