The Gaming Vault Review: Orc: Vengeance (iOS)

Orc: Vengeance has the beginnings of something good, no, really, it does. The game is represents an earnest stab (if you’ll excuse the pun) at the sort of hack and slashery that embedded Diablo in the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere. The problem is, it never really gets past the ‘beginnings’ part and instead finds itself replicating a fraction (albeit pretty decently) of the experience, rather then aiming higher and trying to deliver more of what made the likes of Diablo and Torchlight so endearingly popular in the first place.

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Sidology2223d ago

unfortunate that a promising title only turned out okay

Bitsnark2223d ago

Yeah, I agree. On the upside though, it does provide them with a solid foundation for a sequel, since as I said in the review, it does the basics really well; it just doesn't do much beyond that.