Borderlands 2 Midnight Release Openings

The Controller Online writes: "The long awaited release of Borderlands 2 is just around the corner, on September 18th, 2012. If you’re as big a fan of the first game as we are, then you’ll probably want to be one of the first people in line to pick up the sequel. We’ve gathered together a list of all the Borderlands 2 Midnight Release openings that we can find to help you on your late night quest for loot."

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GTRrocker6662222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Masks arent that great.

DryPancake2221d ago

I think they all look amazing(although I don't like the skins) the heads are very nice. I'll be playing Salvador and I can't wait to rock that sledge Helmet.

The-Wise-Fool2221d ago

On the contrary I find Zero's alien head quite slick

GTRrocker6662221d ago

I like his mask that looks like grey fox from MGS.

Varmint2221d ago

First time I've preordered a game at a place that's doing a midnight release. Should I go? Is it really that exciting to warrant staying up before work in the morning?

dericb112221d ago

Depends. You will get to meet other players of the game and may make some friends to play with. People will also talk about Borderlands 1 and games in general.
On the other side sleep is more important if you have work. Plus if you not going to play it till after work may as well pick up later and not wait in line.
Both have pros and cons but you get to chose.

scotchmouth2221d ago

The trick is to have tuesday off work. Pick it up at midnight release then sleep. Jam when you wake up

Varmint2220d ago

@dericb11 Thanks for the advice! Admittedly though, I'm still thinking of going against my better judgement.

@scotchmouth I missed out on getting the afternoon shift this week, darn it!

@Pintheshadows Was my favourite moment from my favourite episode of Stargate SG-1! Also love your avatar; Data was one of my heroes for the longest time

Pintheshadows2221d ago

This is in no way an answer to your but your avatar is heroic.

GTRrocker6662221d ago

All McGyver needs to make a bomb is a tortilla and some ketchup, you know

strange19862221d ago

I'd only get it at midnight if you really plan to play it right when you get home. It seems like you have to work in the morning, so I'd just wait. I am lucky to have Tuesday through Friday off, so I sure as hell am going at midnight.