Wii U: 5 Launch Titles That Make It An Essential Purchase

WC writes: Yesterday, Nintendo announced to the world that the Wii U will be shipping in North America on November 18th, Europe on November 30th, and Japan on December 8th. They also announced a two tier pricing structure. The “standard” edition will retail for $299 and the “deluxe” edition will run for $349.

As with any console launch though, your decision to purchase comes down to one thing… the software. This list compiles five “launch” games that we think will be essential when it comes to your decision to buy a Nintendo Wii U this holiday season.

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Lucretia2221d ago

those are not essential to everyone. Zombi U may be the best on the list, but Black ops is not an incentive to get a wii-u. its on other consoles. only incentive is for the nintendo fanboys who only own nintendo consoles

ChickeyCantor2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

" but Black ops is not an incentive to get a wii-u."

No but other games might be, and therefor there is no reason for them to ignore the wii-u version if they purchase a wii-u anyway.

HammadTheBeast2221d ago

Not related but whatever.

5. New Super Mario Bros.
4. Black Ops 2
3. Zombie U
2. Ray man Legends
1. Nintendoland (<------- Lulz)

You're welcome. I hate 5 page sites.

Lucretia2221d ago

oh ofcourse, but the exclusives arent really plentiful. Zombi-U and rayman legends arent system sellers, Rayman barely sold on multiplat even though it was great. and im pretty sure smash bros isnt a launch title.

and nintendo land is just no good

guitarded772221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Well, I'm hardly a Nintendo fanboy... I was so pissed after the Wii that I said I'd never buy another Nintendo console again. But after seeing Nintendo going back to a gamer's controller, and seeing that controller in use with Zombie U, New Super Mario U and NintendoLand, I decided to pre-order. I can certainly understand and respect other gamers choosing not to adopt right away or ever, but to label everyone who is getting a Wii U a "fanboy" is very short sighted. As a gamer, I don't see the Wii U meeting all my needs, so I will also get the PS4 and NeXBOX when they come out.

mike1up2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I would argue that New Super Mario Bros. U should be considered essential. Mario (in some way, shape, or form) has been available on Nintendo all consoles since the NES, and has become an expectation. Reggie explained this at Nintendo's E3 press conference. Mario is the face of Nintendo, and from what I have witnessed, everyone that buys a Nintendo console will eventually buy at least 1 Mario game. So, why argue that it's not essential?

Black Ops 2 is much harder to defend. Although, this will be the very first version of CoD with no split screen for local multiplayer. Imo that's a big deal.

mttrackmaster382221d ago

They never said regular split-screen wouldn't be an option.

Sono4212221d ago

I think he might have meant that you are able to play split screen without actually splitting the screen?... Idk because i'm with you iv'e heard nothing about it not having traditional split screen..

jboy2221d ago

I never got into black ops on any console nintendo will be my first i deffo want it bigtime and i have the option to play it in bed with the small screen, " talkn about chilling out while gaming" hehe

_LarZen_2221d ago

There are many other games also, some of us have not played games like Batman or Darksiders2.

And both of them, especialy Batman wil be a cool experience on the WiiU because of the controller.

DivineAssault 2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

im dont trolling these articles.. I thought someone would answer my questions but i guess no one can answer cuz no one knows.... Ill try this one last time..

is there evidence of chatting during online play or cross game chat? why is there only 3 AAA core titles releasing simultaneously as ps3/360 out of like 30? Are accomplishments officially built into the games? will indie titles be released along side ps3/360 versions? how far can u go from the system with the tablet running games? Is BF3 still coming out? are any games native 1080p? Does it have Bluetooth? Is bayonetta 2 coming nx yr or no official date? Can u IM ppl without the security delays?

Plz & thank you for any information regarding these questions.. Plz no speculation, only proof.. I am very interested in this system but i know too little about these things

guitarded772221d ago

Okay, I'll try and answer based on what I've heard from Nintendo, ans what I know.

There is online communications in game. Nintendo has their own Wii U branded headset for pre-order for $40. I do not know if there is cross game chat.

For trophies/accomplishments, I have seen evidence supporting them, and Nintendo has mentioned that you can share accomplishments on the Wii U and through social apps like Facebook. As for a definite yes... I cannot say, but it looks highly likely and we should hear more when they give a press conference on MiiUniverse.

I am almost certain that their is no blutooth. At least that's what GameStop told me.

I understand that you can run social apps in the background, and jump in and out of gameplay on the fly. Ex, you can check a YouTube video while pausing the game, and jump back into the game without quitting.

Rumor of native 1080p for some games is circulation, but it is still just rumor.

Running games on tablet, should be fine around the house, but doesn't extend beyond that. I heard 100 linear feet, but that is not certain either.

As for the rest of your questions, I really don't know the answers.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2221d ago

only thing I know for sure is Bayonetta 2 is 2013.

BigStef712221d ago

Do you guys think Nintendo will do hd remakes for like mario galaxy 1 and 2 , metroid prime trilogy, skyward sword, donkey kong country returns, brawl , etc.? I sure hope so because I never owned a wii and I plan on getting the wiiu.

auen12221d ago

i wouldn't be opposed to that, but other than ocarina of time, has nintendo done that before?

BigStef712221d ago

All i can think of is the re-release of the first two metroid prime games that were released with motion controls on wii as the metroid prime trilogy which had all three prime games. The other was super mario anniversary which wasn't even a remake just a port of the snes versions of 1-3 and super mario world.

rainslacker2221d ago

I'm not sure about all those, but the Wii U is backwardly compatible with Wii games and all those can still be found in the used market or new on amazon. Remakes would be cool though for those that haven't played them.

BigStef712221d ago

I mean thats what i was prolly gonna do but I didnt want to buy them if they make hd remakes you know lol. I looked at some of the prices and they are ridiculous for used like metroid prime trilogy was $60 used new is like over $100

rainslacker2221d ago

Yeah, Metroid Prime Trilogy would be a collector's item so you aren't likely to see it go down even at used prices. Maybe from gamestop in the future if they manage to keep them in stock. Most of the ones you want would be considered collector's items once they become harder to find and the price will likely get higher for about half of them, especially if you want them new.