4 Ways to Make a High Score in Angry Birds

Gamerzpedia: Angry Birds, one of the most popular games, was initially available only on smart phones but now it is available on various devices, including the humble desktop. With the popularity of the game on the rise, it is a topic of discussion and for all the Angry Birds addicts; the most important thing for them is their score. So here are some tips that will help you achieve a better score.

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zeeshan2224d ago

Please no more Angry Birds articles. Really, it's been out for far too long and frankly, losing the charm it once had. Angry Birds space is inferior to other Angry Birds games in so many ways.

I think every person on this planet by now knows how to play Angry Birds and I don't see the need for continuous, unwanted stream of such articles. I could be totally wrong yeah but this of course is my personal opinion.

CommonSenseGamer2224d ago

Almost as annoying as hearing about how the same old game is being released again on another platform.

jaymart2k2224d ago

Ya that Call of Duty game, it's everywhere

Oh wait, wrong game.