Fanboyism – Gaming’s Ugly Side/Prevention to Mainstream Audience

If you're someone who's into playing games, playing them online and viewing web sites you will know what Fanboyism is. The question we are here to explore is why Fanboyism is a ugly term and what impact it has on people who are new to video gaming and how we are viewed as a whole.

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Jallen3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Fanboyism is a simple case of cost and the feeling of community. We don't get the same level in other media because films aren't restricted to different types of expensive DVD players (sure there is Blu Ray but you can still pick up standard DVDs) and films don't cost the price of a new game.

We do however see Fanboyism in hardware. Mac vs PC seems to have been around forever and then there are those devices that start with a lower case i that garner a rabid loyal fanbase.

Fayboyism is not the reserve of the gaming community, not some unique by-product of D-pads, A buttons and "waggle controls"; it is nothing more than a vain attempt to justify your expensive purchase against another expensive purchase bolstered by everybody else who is doing the same.

Irishguy953419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

You don't see fanboys in other media? Are you serious? Every form of media has fanboys, you're just not looking in the right place. N4G is one of those places although it's not as bad as it used to be. Go to Imdb and look at the boards. Go to Narutoforums and see people moan about which character is better than which with the most illogical arguments going. Fanboys are present in everything, they are also retarded imo. There is no point discussing anything with one because when they end up looking like idiots they just claim they are trolling.

Oh also, making sure people undersand what the term 'fanboy' means these days. Not fan which is different. Alot of people simply can't accept a system's faults on this site, some can't even accept Sony lost money on the Ps3, or get offended when people say they did.

BrutallyBlunt3418d ago

There are many layers to fanboyism. The difference between media like music and movies is there isn't the constant fighting over what platform they reside on. That brings a whole new level to fanboyism for gaming. People may argue or debate between different music styles and genres. I doubt there is much fanbyoism between those who publish the music and what label they are on. Same with movies. People enjoy comedy or horror and so on. They may even get attached to some actor or director but it's never about what company is producing it. This makes games unique in that way.

Then you also have differnt systems that have unique gameplay elements. We seen it a lot this generation that started with the Wii and then the Playstation Move and Kinect. So you have that layer. Then you have games on different mediums like DVD, Blu-ray and digital distribution that can add another layer to fanboyism.

Before it used to really heat up with Nintendo versus Sega. Then Sony came along and Microsoft. Now we have a multitude of players with Steam and companies like Apple who make devices that play games. However the biggest issue seems to be between Sony fanboys and XBOTs. I think a lot of that stems from the two platforms being so close in comparison and offering similar gameplay. It's almosy like Apple and Android that's heating up that used to be Mac vs. PC.

The problem with fanboyism in gaming is it's less and less about the actual game and more and more to do with systems and promoting the companies. Something nobody seems to care about in music and films.

Xof3418d ago

Streamline staplers and the best staplers and anyone who thinks otherwise is a raging dickwad.

LX-General-Kaos3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Thats why I appreciate this site so much. Fanboys are very rare around these parts. On other parts of the world wide web, it is very difficult to have a legit conversation about videogames without it turning into some type of my console is better than yours epic battle. Most of my fellow gamers here are easy going and fun to talk to.

As a Nintendo Elite supporter I have found many great friends here to discuss my favorite hobby with. N4G will always be looked at as an Outer Haven for positive gaming discussion.

Example given..


Example Given..

With that said. I believe that this article is over exaggerating, and that people are not as bad as they make them out to be. There has been nothing but love and support for all things gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

madeinLeeds3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

U are either being sarcastic or you're blind!! EVERY SINGLE lense of truth/vs article ends up in kids using words like 'butt hurt' 'troll' etc!! Read the comments about the PS3 version of Skyrim and it's dlc articles!!!

makemyteapunk3418d ago

Are you joking Kaos? This is a hardcore Sony fan site. You dont have to look any further than the forums to see how many there are on here. The ratio is usually 10 -1. There are way more visitors on the PS3 forums with about 10 times the amount of threads. And when you consider that since this in a English site and 1/5 of PS3s are in Japan, you can see it's unusal.

All you have to do is look at the articles. Anything Ninty or MS related has many users flooding the thread with hate. Any positive Sony ones are filled with love. A blind man can see this.

Oschino19073418d ago

Great example of fanboyism right here ^^^

DA_SHREDDER3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

@make. Just because the ps3 has the best games doesn't make someone a fanboy. It's just a proven fact that Sony has the best, the best gaming dev studios in the world. Evolution, Guerrilla, Polydigi, Naughty, Sucker, Media Molecule, ect, ect,,,, unlike the competitors who would go bankrupt if third party jumped ship. (excluding Ninty of coarse)

makemyteapunk3418d ago

@ oschino

Are you replying to me? It's impossible to say my post was fanboyish. Either you're very insecure or you've just replied to me by accident.

@ Da Shredder

Have you made a mistake too? What are you talking about "PS3 has the best games" to me for? Im talking about the percentage of Sony fanatics on this site. Its a fact this website has the largest ratio of Sony fanboys out there, this is a fact, its not even up for discussion.

And you actually believe in some magical world that if MSs 3rd party support "jumped ship", they would go bankrupt? hahahahahahaha!

wishingW3L3418d ago

Kaos speaks the truth, I come from gamespot forums and let me tell you that N4G feels like the holy-grail now. Back in the day N4G was pretty bad but now sites like Gamespot, IGN or Gametrailers are way worse than N4G has ever been.

On Gamespot you can't even say that you like the PS3 the most because then a bunch of people will jump on you to call you a "cow" (that's the nickname for PS3 fanboys on GS because Sony "milks" you). And you can't even make a compelling argument to refute their statements because then they start ridiculing you and saying stuff like cows/PS3 fanboys are the worst and that they love to make fools of themselves, etc. That's the reason I jumped ship and came back to N4G again.

Protagonist3418d ago

That is true, but I would say the Nintendo fans here are as fanatical as on any other sites, even though there are not as many on N4G.

makemyteapunk3418d ago

So, what you are saying is you got flamed on other sites for spouting Sony Fanboyism, so you came back to N4G because its safe? You know that Gamespot, IGN an GTs are proper respected sites.

You just proved N4G is a haven for Sony fanboys lol!

madeinLeeds3419d ago

Fanboyism is rife on this site and usually ends up with people calling each other homosexuals etc It won't ever change because the majority of gamers are either children or act like children!!

klecser3419d ago

"Fanboy" has changed its meaning a little bit since it came into being a few decades ago. It used to mean someone who was simply so into their hobby that they couldn't and wouldn't have a logical conversation about it, nor take criticism.

It has now turned into an ad hominem debate attack. I see people on this site bringing logical "pro" arguments as to why they like certain games or consoles or legitimate comments as to why they don't like other systems. They do not engage in negative attacks. They just point out logical reasons as to why a system isn't for them. Other gamers, other than just accepting that someone has a different opinion than someone else, immediately label people who like systems other than the ones they like as "fanboys" as a way to (inadequately and illogically) counter positive comments about the console through personal attack (ad hominem). The people giving the positive arguments are not fanboys, in the classical sense, yet the label is being used to cover frustration due to the inability to debate politely or effectively, or both.

I think that this at least started generationally with younger gamers misusing the term and then transforming it into this new definition/use. I'm not "blaming" younger gamers, I'm just saying that that is where these vocabulary changes frequently happen. It isn't wrong, it just "is".

cedaridge3418d ago

All I can say is REAL GAMERS HAVE BOTH They don't HATE!!! psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder

Xperia_ion3418d ago

I use to hate on the Xbox 360. Its a very good system cause of those amazing Xbox live games and you don't have to pay for live to buy them.

madeinLeeds3418d ago

So just because I'm completely satisfied with my PS3 and have no desire for an Xbox I'm not a real gamer? I've been gaming since the 80s!!!!

cedaridge3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

1st I never said that you wasn't a real gamer U said that! 2nd are you a HATER? I never call you one! All I am saying is " It's 1 thing if you like ps3 & xb360 and can't afford it right now I AM NOT TALKIN TO YOU but if you just Blinded to the system capabilities and don't Respect what the company have done for gaming then "YES" i'm talkin to you. My believe is kinda like that TI song "You(I) Can Have Whatever You(I) Like. ps3. ps4, xb360, xb720, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U It's whatever I like. It never done ME NO good to HATE!!! psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder O almost forgot BY ALL MY DISAGREES MUST BE A LOT OF HATERS HERE!!!

SageHonor3418d ago

Real Gamers play whatever they want regardless of the console/system

Protagonist3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

That is true and I would love to play many of the exclusives for the Nintendo system, nintendo fans ruined it for me though.

But the answer to solve that problem is actually very simple, I know that! and that is to stay out of gaming forums.

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