Russia and the CIS get their own, unwanted, version of Borderlands 2

People who have pre-ordered Borderlands 2 in Russia or the CIS, Commonwealth of Independent States, are finding that their version is a different version from the rest of the world. Their version is Russian only, region locked, not compatible with the Borderlands 2 season pass and it isn't available in English and it will only let people play multiplayer with other people who have the Russian version. No official word yet from 2k, 1C or Gearbox Software.

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DasTier2276d ago

So just like the compatibility issues of the NASCAR games on 360 in Europe? Cool, ill care about them fixing this when someone fixes NASCAR.

Detech2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

>Russia and the CIS

Not a CIS. Baltics, like Estonia and Latvia never been in CIS. Right to say - "former-USSR countries" instead of CIS

Lokai2276d ago

I'll add that in as well, thanks.

Paragon2276d ago

I guess you do since you bothered to post.

dalibor2276d ago

I guess the people who are being affected probably do. Games should never be region locked in this day and age. And there should be some sort of software by now that can output and translate many different languages.

MySwordIsHeavenly2276d ago

That's what ya get for Communism, ya dingus! :D


dalibor2276d ago

As a serbian myself some people can't choose where we want to be born you know. The day and age of communism is all but over practically, thank goodness. It's the people in power that govern other people, just remember that, that's how it always will be for we the people truly will never have total freedom.

Nimblest-Assassin2276d ago


(Assassins Creed:3 theme song...jk)

HammadTheBeast2276d ago

Because a country where only politicians and senators have a say in something is complete freedom.

SilentNegotiator2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

It's better than communism. The problem is that people in general aren't interested in the specifics of politics. That's why we have a republic system. Either the loud minority votes on everything or the generalized representation of the majority does.....necessary evils are a b**ch.

It's not perfect, but let's not let the hipster "America is Nazi Germany" crap boil out of MySwordIsHeavenly's innocent joke, is all I'm saying.

hyperions2276d ago

You forgot to add that Baltic states are not CIS but are member of european union and we got also russian version while paying international copy price 50 euros for me.
Russsian and CIS counties pay little bit less than 20 euros for their russian version.

Lokai2276d ago

Will add it in, thanks. Didn't see that.

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The story is too old to be commented.