Unlocking Achievements Part II

GameInformer writes:

"Regardless of what you think of them, Microsoft's Achievement Points aren't going anywhere anytime soon. In the first part of our look at Microsoft's Achievements system, we looked at points in general and called out a few trends that we've liked and disliked. Overall, we're big fans of developers who try new things, like Project Gotham Racing 4, and have a little less love for those annoying multiplayer Achievements.

Whether you're a veteran 360 owner looking for tips on what to play next or a newbie who's not familiar with Achievements, here are a few games that are sure to help players boost their scores to the next milestone. That is, if you care about the points in the first place."

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Tempist4328d ago

Game points seem to be like crack if people are so wildly addicted to them and will go to any lengths to get more.

BLUR1114328d ago

i knnoowww man but i cut off it the last bit. But since i got my x360 i binge , but i gotton a substitute cod4 mp... its better but i guess that would be an antidote

i Shank u4328d ago

have never gone out of my way to get them. i like getting them in the games i like to play, but i wouldnt go rent Avatar just so i could get 1000 easy points in 2 mins. whatta waste of $8 for that dumbo mumbo jumbo

meepmoopmeep4328d ago

it's disturbing that there are actually many, many people who take it seriously like it's a rank that shows you just how much of a real life you actually need

InYourMom4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Just like fanboys and the console war which I find even more disturbing.

Achievements are great however and being a multiple console owner, it always sways me to buy title's for the 360 instead of PS3.

kornbeaner4328d ago

I like Achievements that are found with the Live games as this adds to the replay value you get for your $6-$10. But I found that in some of the mainstream titles they seemed tacked on and not really worth getting unless they add to the experience itself and for the most part it does not.

Highwayman4328d ago

I like Achievements, but I don't go out of my way for them unless it is a Game I really, really like. However it is worth pointing out that Lionhead Studios is doing something a bit different which I think will make for some really great Achievements for Fable 2. And I know I'm gogint o get all of those only because this is my most antipated game during this gen.