Wii U pre-order updates: Kmart out of stock, Basic Set available at Target

Following the news that GameStop had mostly stopped taking pre-orders for Wii U yesterday, other retailers are now “sold out” as well.

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eagle212226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Wow Kmeezy out too?...First Gamesteezy, then Bestbeezy..what's next?..Toyreezy? lol

(I would never say that out loud folks)....:P

iamnsuperman2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Ha If you did I would (and so would many people) give you a weird look

tachy0n2225d ago

Ebayeezy will never run out of stock! :D

ScubaSteve12225d ago

Well looks like a lot of people are getting more then 1. And selling it on eBay

SovereignSnaKe2225d ago

-I think Toys r us has them both in stock currently, but... ugh! That tax! such a pain in the ass! Amazon has spoiled us.

=Interesting though, Amazon & Nintendo must be having a bitch fight, because Amazon isn't even listed as a retailer on the Nintendo site....

KingDustero2225d ago

Yeah same here. What sucks even more is that I work at Walmart and get 10% almost everything. However their preorder bonuses suck most the time. They don't even offer the Premium Club with Borderlands 2. So I'm probably going to be stuck with Gamestop again.

I'm not super surprised that it is selling fast. I myself will wait until a 3D Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid or SSB game is out on it. Right now Zombi U is the only game I want on it. I'm pretty sure by the time one of the games I listed above is out the price will be done a little. I'm good with waiting. I'm hoping that Nintendo does well with it and will buy it as soon as it has more games that interest me on it.

Tultras2225d ago

My uncle recently bought me a Vita from Walmart, what sucks is that some Walmart employee falsely told him that the vita has some internal memory to store photos, videos etc. :/

AO1JMM2225d ago

Walmart still has bundle but they are the customers choice bundles that have more stuff.

TheRealSpy2225d ago

how are people falling for this again?

they are deliberately keeping supply VERY low to give the idea that it's a good system.

it's the best strategy to use when the hardware can't speak for itself. they pulled it this past gen, and it looks they realize most ppl are too stupid to learn lessons from even immediate history. you are going to get swindled.

ChunkyLover532225d ago

Or people are excited for new hardware and want to play one. Considering the amount of people I saw when I went to Gamestop to pre-order, I'm going to go with that.

The Wii went on to sell like 100 million, so obviously people wanted it. I think there is a lot of crow to be had after the Wii U's launch, its going to be huge.

Lucretia2225d ago

no, i worked at gamecrazy for years and they do intentionally keep the stock low on purpose. it builds up hype and gets people talking, Sure these people are excited, but nintendo is either really bad at manufacturing enough consoles if they are anticipating its release, OR, they are (and they are) keeping supply low like last time.

it makes a product seem even better when its out of stock

BrutallyBlunt2225d ago

It's too close to Christmas to be playing that game. They risk potential loss of sales by doing that and the Wii U is going to have to have a fast start because Sony and Microsoft are likely to announce new hardware next year.

They have already announced they will not sell the Gamepad separately at first in order to keep the supply chain going. What people need to understand is game forums don't neccessarily translate into real world sales. People have waited a long time for new hardware and for the first time Nintendo is going HD.

rainslacker2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )


They only risk losing potential sales if they don't have the supply to meet demand on release. In the meantime selling out of pre-order allotments makes it looks like it's a high demand product and gets more people, namely those that don't frequent gaming sites, interested in it. I suspect that the supply will be there after release, not having it available for Black Friday and after would be be bad like you say.

Everyone should keep in mind that these systems aren't thrown together on a whim in a weeks, or even a months, time. If they actually are sold out of all their stock then it means they have terrible market research, and have absolutely no confidence in their product. Both of which we all know isn't true.

Qrphe2225d ago

It's a new console, it happened with all current-gen consoles, it'll happen with the next and it's happening with the Wii U.

It's not like Nintendo has 2 or 3 milliins for pre-order.

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