Side-by-Side: Borderlands 1 vs. 2

PSReveal: "With the launch of Borderlands 2 only a few days away, it is time for another side-by-side screenshot comparison. This time we are looking at Borderlands 1 and 2. Borderlands had great reviews and brought new gameplay styles to the table. Will Borderlands 2 do the same?"

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Megaton3203d ago

What is this I don't even. A set of random images that aren't even attempting to present the same situation or position to provide comparison. I think one of those pics is even from another article circulating around here showing the old Borderlands, before the cell shading.

r213203d ago

Isnt it obvious that BL2 would be visually greater?

DoomeDx3202d ago

yes.. So? does that mean its not allowed to compare it side by side? Just for fun?