Why the reaction to Bayonetta 2’s Wii U exclusivity is disappointing

VB writes: I just want to take a brief moment to say I can understand the viewpoint of those who are reasonably disappointed that it won’t be gracing other platforms. I can sympathise with that, especially considering the original Bayonetta was released on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. I certainly feel a bit disappointed myself considering I might miss out on the game when it launches because I might not be able to afford a Wii U by that point. You know who I don’t feel any sympathy for? The ever-growing horde of so called “core” and “real” gamers who have been flooding every comment section with logic-defying complaints ranging from accusations of Nintendo “stealing the franchise” and Platinum Games and Sega “selling out” and “abandoning its fans for a non-console/kiddy toy.”

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BigSoWhat2317d ago

This could be applied to any game that is exclusive. Now I say, stop being such a baby, go out and buy the system, play the games you want. If you can't afford it, well life isn't fair.

zeal0us2317d ago

Yay another Bayonetta 2 article. Probably more to come in the next few months or so.

cleft52317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Hopefully all this intention result in higher sells for Bayonetta 2.

Hisiru2317d ago

Oh man... let it die already, we don't need yet ANOTHER article about this.

Megaton2317d ago

It's gonna be the ME3 ending all over again. Expect these articles for months beyond their shelf life.

torchic2317d ago

I came her just to say this. these articles needs to stop move on to something else :/

BusterFang2316d ago

Lol all these "journalist" are typing up a quick, easy article based off Bayonetta 2's exclusivity simply cause it's a hot topic and they can pull a "story" out of their ass cause they 'know' it'll get hits.

If they really wanna generate hits, all they have to do is put it in the title. I'm sure that'd be the best way to attract everyone :P

Gaming1012316d ago

The game wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Nintendo funding it after its rocky development cycle. People don't get it that this is a business, just like fishing for internet hits is also a business. Stop supporting the businesses you don't like, and start supporting the businesses you do like.

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cleft52317d ago

Exactly. I don't own a killer PC so there are a bunch of games that I want to play on PC that I can't. I don't own a Wii, so no Xenoblade Chronicles for me. I don't own an iPad, so no iPad games for me. I don't own a PSVita or 3DS, so none of those games for me. Life isn't fair, people need to stop behaving like a bitch and either save up for a WiiU or shut the hell up. I didn't own a ps3 or a 360, I saved up and brought one.

BrutallyBlunt2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

That's just the nature of the beast. I say good for Nintendo on finally taking 3rd party gaming seriously. You think they just want to sit back and watch Sony and Microsoft gobble up all the sales? It will take this aggressive stance to win back gamers who otherwise were totally comfortable playing 3rd party franchises on their XBOX's and Playstation's.

showtimefolks2317d ago

just deal with it and move this, this game isn't big enough to cause this much mayhem, Nintendo saved the sequel so if they are paying for development than they want it as exclusive

bayonetta could still be in PA:all stars since the 1st was on ps3 and xbox360

chaos-lockheart2317d ago

some people are not rich as others

dark-hollow2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

For the record, platinum doesn't owe anyone of you anything.

just because you bought the first game doesn't mean future sequels cant be on other platforms, especially if the devs can't help it.

Why nobody complained when mgs 2 got released on Xbox but mgs 3 didn't?
why nobody complained when the ENTIRE final fantasy franchise has left Nintendo from the main games when the first SIX games were on NES, snes?

I can list a hundred examples of franchises that bounced from one console to the other, and never, NEVER has been such hatred and outrage as with this case.

It's because developers, publishers make decision best for their interests first.

killerhog2317d ago

We bought there game and they got money so they do owe us. We couldve chosen not to of done that. No one is complaining about it being on other consoles but that it's exclusive to a single console. Bayonetta wasn't even on the wii for Christ sake and Nintendo consoles has a record of censoring games. Many people are simply passing on it as other are making their voices heard by complaining.

Protagonist2317d ago

"For the record, platinum doesn't owe anyone of you anything"

Ehhh??? 360/PS3 gamers made that game a succes!

If the devs goes for interests first, they would have made sure it was cross-platform publishing.

If Xenoblade Chronicles 2 suddenly was a PS3 exclusive it would not have made sense either.

Ilovetheps42317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


People should be happy the game is at least being made. If it weren't on the Wii U, it wouldn't be coming out at all. The only reason it's coming out as a Wii U exclusive is because Nintendo put forth the funding. So Platinum has to decide between not making the game or making it but as a Wii U exclusive. I know what I would pick.

TenkoTAiLS2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Where have you been the past 10 years? Nintendo hasn't censored anything since the N64, even then it was few if any. The GameCube was full of mature content, Resident Evil 0 and Remake, MGS Twin Snakes, the uncensored version of BMXXX.

Have you even seen the trailer for Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U? Go watch that and come back here and say they will censor Bayonetta. It's the only version with excess blood and dismemberment. Not to mention a nude Ayane on a massage bed *drool*

Point is your living in the past, clinging to outdated concerns that haven't existed for a long time, just to justify your unwarranted concerns for Bayonetta 2 being on a console you personally don't want to buy.

jhenri2316d ago


"Ehhh??? 360/PS3 gamers made that game a succes!"

Actually they didn't otherwise they wouldn't have had to go to nintendo to get it made.

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live2play2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

(ok first a little about me,
huge nintendo fanboy)

what we have to realize is that we have TWO, yes 2 types of upset bayonetta fans

the reasonable ones
the bat$h!t insane ones

we need to stop pooling them in together

they know that bayonetta 2 was no longer going to be made, cancelled
they know nintendo is publishing the game, BECAUSE no studio wanted to publish it
they know platnium games didnt ''sell out'' to keep it exclusive. that they simply wanted the game to see the light of day

these fans ARE MAD because they wanted the game to come out on all systems not just 1
but they dont blame nintendo nor PG.

to them nintendo STOLE bayonetta from ps360
they BRIBED platnium games to keep it exclusive, they SOLD OUT

they both are mad
one group for reasonable reasons

the other group wants to kick dolphins in the vagina

''FOOK AYUU! DOLPHRIN! -southpark

stuna12316d ago


You hit the nail on the proverbial head!

People need to realise Nintendo saved Bayonetta plain and simple, and if you want to play 2, you know the option!

killerhog2317d ago

Yeah Xbox owners should be mad that uncharted a game NEVER on the xbox and made by a Sony first party company is exclusive. Us ps3 owners should also be pissed that halo is a pc/Xbox exclusive and never on the ps3. We should also all be happy that a game not even on the wii, sequel is a wiiU exclusive completely crapping on those who supported it. This should of been multiplat just like how EA did it for mass effect. Mass effect started on Xbox but it's 2nd and third installment went multiplat. Imagine if EA made mass effect ps3 exclusive?

fermcr2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Still not interested in purchasing the system at launch... maybe later on.

I thought Bayonetta was average, so if Bayonetta 2 doesn't reach a system i have, i won't be disappointed.

As for all these articles on Bayonetta 2 looks like someone (or company) wants to hype the game and the system, but in all honesty, i'm not hyped.

meetajhu2317d ago

no chance i will buy a nintendo console. I even think too much to download a nintendo emulator.

Ayabrea1232316d ago

Exactly. I hate when people accuse Sony of being selfish with exclusives instead of making them 3rd party. I'm sorry but if Sony funded the project and paid for the leg work and support, it deserves to be their exclusive. If people wanted it that bad, then they should buy the damn system. Save your money. Everyone can do it. I love how they care so much but half of them don't want to buy the system.

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smashcrashbash2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Good God how long are people going to milk this event? So some people were angry and people took it too far. Who gives a $hit anymore? People are still acting as if Nintendo just grabbed the greatest game in the universe and have won the console war for the next century because of it while people are gloating like they just won the hundred million dollar lottery. They grabbed up a game that was abandoned by Sega that would have been multiplatform if not for that reason.

Bayonetta wasn't as even as good as DMC in my opinion and people are stomping their feet and making a bunch of noise about it. And as usual the media always has to get up on their high horse and say how disappointed they are with everyone. Barely anyone gave a crap about the first Bayonetta and yet people are acting as if it is the most important game in history just because the tiny fanbase kicked up a fuss.The game made almost no sense, the Witchtime was quirky, the dialogue was awful, many of the moves were worthless and pointless, the finishing moves were pointless. There are a hundred more games coming out that I want and I am not spending hundreds of dollars to buy a system to play Bayonetta 2 and I am sure not many people will either.

Games like these barely even sell well on a Nintendo system and people are acting as if it that important. All Platinum did is lessen the amount of people that will play it.It barely sold anything across multiple platforms so what chance does it have on a single platform especially if it ends up being worse then the first one. People seem to be so sure that it will be great forgetting that second versions of games have stunk in the past. DMC 2 wasn't exactly a bed of roses after a great DMC 1.They might have made the biggest blunder in the world turning their backs on those that supported them on the other consoles and don't want to buy a whole new console right now, but people are cheering them on as if they just struck gold.'Here is Bayonetta on a whole new console that no one is sure of or don't want to buy or can't afford right now' Oh yeah, I can just see the cash rolling in. /s

Carl_Shocker2317d ago

"All Platinum did is lessen the amount of people that will play it.It barely sold anything across multiple platforms so what chance does it have on a single platform especially"

I's like people arn't seeing the negative sides of the decison, just "OMG Bayonetta 2", if it does sell poorly then there will be no Bayonetta 3 and I would be crushed.

Ducky2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"People seem to be so sure that it will be great forgetting that second versions of games have stunk in the past."

Usually, the second version of a game is best in the series because they devs have the hardware/tech down, and are able to refine the gameplay.
The third installment and beyond either leads to drastic changes to the formula (which angers fans), or doesn't feature any drastic changes (which also angers fans).

DMC2 was an exception to the general rule, and it also wasn't made under Kamiya's supervision, so it is a pretty poor example.
Bayonetta2 could be good or bad, because although it is a second game, it is the first on a new hardware, so the devs will have to learn the new tech/hardware.

However it is amusing to see you question why people are so sure the game will be any good, while you yourself are pretty sure that the game is doomed to fail. =p

dark-hollow2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"The game made almost no sense, the Witchtime was quirky, the dialogue was awful, many of the moves were worthless and pointless, the finishing moves were pointless"

I can't see how any hack and slash fan could hate bayonetta.
Bayonetta 1 was fricking brilliant!

what else other good h&s franchise is there?
NG 3 which was complete and utter shit?
dmc 4 Or the future DmC which is very worrisome?

that makes god of war the only h&s game that didn't went down the toilet.

Shok2317d ago

Waaaaay too many articles on this.

PopRocks3592317d ago

Too many that get approved, that is.

PopRocks3592317d ago

It's only disappointing to fanboys, not to gamers. I'd probably be disappointed if No More Heroes 3 was exclusive to PS4. But I'm most certainly not going to attack Suda51's Twitter feed or threaten to boycott the game. That's being a crybaby.

Look, at first I was apprehensive toward everyone with this opinion, but this industry is tough. Nintendo fans caught a break and it just so happens that people who don't generally like Nintendo are disappointed.

Yeah, I get it. They want it on their console but for now it isn't happening. There's no point in attacking anyone. I say be happy that Platinum Games is putting their talent into a new game.

Carl_Shocker2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"It's only disappointing to fanboys, not to gamers"

A Fanboy calling other people fanboys...cute

"But I'm most certainly not going to attack Suda51's Twitter feed or threaten to boycott the game."

Well you do seem to attack most peoples comments on here when there opinion is differn't to yours...calling them names like trolls, morons, crybabies or saying how there studip/patheitc, honestly anything that is or may seem negative towards Nintendo you have a panic attack and go into defense mode.

You feel the need to be on damage control like all the time around here. Want to know what a real hateful troll acts like look at MDC31 past comments where he trolls Sony in every comment.

So please don't talk about attacking people when you do it to most people on here.

I mean you feel like anyone who voices some slight criticism towards Nintendo are haters...I don't like this decison but I don't hate Nintendo, I don't really hate anyone for it I just don't like the decision thats all.

Honestly stop getting so defensive all the time...chill ya beans man.

PopRocks3592317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"A Fanboy calling other people fanboys...cute."

Yeah, a fanboy who owns the systems belonging to the competition. My PS3 currently gets more game time than my Wii yet I still count myself as a Nintendo fan. Is this suddenly a problem?

Actually no, that's not true. The ones I've "attacked" are trolls and those who are generally insulting or demeaning toward anyone who likes Nintendo. In fact, you only started getting on my case after making a snarky comment toward a troll who spends their bubbles making the same tired comment on every Wii U article.

"I mean you feel like anyone voices some slight criticism towards Nintendo"

That's actually a pretty funny statement given how untrue it is. I'm more than capable of accepting criticism toward Nintendo. What I don't like is seeing tired bullcrap, unreasonable criticism or general demeaning attitude just because I happen to like a different company.

I mean this long winded rant of yours is a response to what I thought was one of my attempts at a more neutral stance on this issue. Exactly how does that work?

live2play2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

there are many types of fanboys

respectful fanboys who are more fans of one series, but respect the competition and sees why some might like the other

fanboy trolls - who spew hate and lies about the competition, even in topics unrelated to what they are saying, especially in topics they say they ''have no interest in'' but still take the time to comment

blind fanboys- they believe their preferred brand/company/whatever can do no wrong, they are his friend. the competition is always in the wrong, doesnt care about its fans, etc

poprocks IS a FANBOY
but a respectful one

Outside_ofthe_Box2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

We are beating a dead horse here. "People are upset", we know. "Shame on them for being upset", we know. They'll get over it eventually.

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