Famitsu Japan Game Sales Charts Jan 28th to Feb 3rd, 2008

VGChartz reports via Famitsu that the Game Sales for the week of Jan 28th, to Feb 3rd, 2008 was as follows:

Top 10 Software

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii): more than 800k (sell-through rate 95%)
2. Devil May Cry (PS3): about 210k
3. Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi (PS2): about 113k
4. Tales of Destiny Directors Cut (PS2): about 97k
5. Wii Fit (Wii)
6. Desgaea 3 (PS3)L about 56k
7. Devil May Cry (360): about 40k
8. Assasin's Creed (PS3): about 37k
9. Mario & Sonic at Beijing Olympics (DS)
10. Winning Eleven: Ubiquitous Evolution 2008 (PSP)

Console Sales:

Wii : abuot 100k
PS3 : about 36k
360 : about 5.8k

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Cyrus3655414d ago

Hmmm Nintendo sells almost a million copies of Smash Brawl, and doesn't sell more than 100 K consoles?

PS3 sells 210 K Copies of DMC 4, another 60 K or so of Desgaea 3 and about 40 K of Assassins Creed (All new releases), and sells just 35 K SKU of PS3...?

sonarus5414d ago

agreed the hardware sales didnt change from last week. wasnt dmc4 bundled with ps3?

Cyrus3655414d ago

Yeah they have bundled versions. So I'm surprised if it didn't move more, well Famitus isn't as official as MEdia Create numbers, so we'll see.

As well Desgaea 3 had special edition too, that did well..

TruthBTold5414d ago

doesnt make much sense for Nintendo or Sony, games like SSBB and DMC4 should have also sold extra units. Im not saying an insane amount but more than what they usually sell on previous weeks without any new game releases.

sonarus5414d ago

famitsu isnt as acurate but i have to say they were way off this time. I expected increase in both 360 and ps3 hardware because of the bundle. If this is correct this has to be the worst bundle in the history of games. or maybe they didnt count bundled units sold thats the only explanation

nicholascage245414d ago

Mediacrate numbers are official and would be posted tomorrow

TruthBTold5414d ago

remember DMC4 came out on jan 31st. so this is basically less than a week, about 5 days of sales. Perhaps next week we will see the increase

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Iamback5414d ago

There is no way PS3 sold that few units, when it had 3 big titles in that week.
official numbers will be released tomorrow or in two days.But if this ends up being true than i have to say "I am shocked".

venum5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

3 PS3 games in the japanese top ten. That's a premiere, that's an outstanding result for the ps3. That's never happened so far I remenber.
Just 3 nintendo games. That's quiet exceptional to be noticed.
Good sale for the DMC4 360. I might be out of the top 10 the next time.
The ps2 is still alive. It's still doing well. It's not ready to died.

Iamback5414d ago

It just goes to show everyone how Sony is smart company.Unlike MS they continued to support PS2 which is their cash cow that covers loses made by PS3(which is natural when NEW high end system launches). Of course there is PSP as a right hand but it is mostly thanks to PS2 that Sony turned profit( even if it is "small" one) for last quarter when many expected big loss.

venum5414d ago

Totally agree with you. The developer were confident with the old platform, why to stop them when they still have some potential to develop nice games (cf God of War). The ps2 cost few money for Sony and still have a lot of games and still have a good sale.
Microsoft did something wrong when they stop the xbox. They can't make extra profit. Ok in Japan the xbox didn't succeed here, but for the rest of the world, they could make good money.

sonarus5414d ago

microsoft lost about 5billion dollars from xbox1 if they had kept it around it would have been adding to 360 losses there was nothing for them to gain from that. Thats why they dropped it

rushbd5414d ago

Hardware sales are low. I think there are some error.

As for Sony: it's a great week in Japan. As six playstation titles are gracing the top chart.

Good to see xbox 360 trying.....

Iamback5414d ago

We should wait for Media Crate numbers before we make final judgment. I stand by my words that something is not wright, and it will be proven in few days(i hope)

rushbd5414d ago

Another thing: according to vgchartz, PS3 outsold 360 even without Japan. Also It's closing the weekly gap in America too. American hardware difference in this week was 12k compared to previous week's 20K difference.

I cant honestly wait for MSG4 to drop. The scenario will be interesting to observe!!

Iamback5414d ago

Thx i gave you a bubble in return.

Jack Bauer5414d ago

wow im suprised DMC4 sold so well on the 360...dont big exclusives sell round that the first week there?

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