Sony:"Nothing We Can Do About The Billing Error."

TheScrubDaily:"PSN users are getting charged for transactions that were suppose to have gone through weeks ago.

And as I was told, there’s nothing they can do."

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Abash2276d ago

Sounds like it's the bank's fault for these late transactions

TheSpoiler2276d ago

It wasn't.

When you ring up Sony at their support, they state (in one of those canned messages) it's their fault for the late transactions. Not only that, but mine say Pending at the top of my information so it's hard to miss them.

Pintheshadows2276d ago

It's good to know you've kept on top of it at least. Some people are unbelievably incompetent when it comes to their finances. It's a definite inconvenience but it happens.

antbolton892276d ago

How can you blame SONY they don't control your transactions the bank does

Godmars2902276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

But said transactions are managed by Sony.

Though by the sound of it, people are being charged for things now that they should have been months before.

Wait and see if this hits "PSN hacked" levels in the news before asking why all the attention. Right now its just a footnote.

antbolton892276d ago

Ok but why is that such a big deal, its not as if they are getting charged twice

TheSpoiler2276d ago

Imagine this:

Say last month, you had lotsa money. It was a great month for you. You bought a few games because, hey, you can afford it.

It's assumed that the money is taken out of your account, since you get the email for the transaction going through on Sony's end.

The next month, you didn't get paid a lot. In fact, you are barely surviving. Suddenly, you are hit with a few bills you shouldn't be paying at the moment. Maybe you only have a few dollars left, or your account is overdrawn.

That's why it's both the fault of the consumer and Sony. The consumer should have checked his or her accounts to make sure everything was in order (which is asking a lot, to be honest). Sony should have had all of the transactions occur within the same time frame as the purchase.

Pintheshadows2276d ago

So you're complaining about the money you would of spent anyway the month before on games not being available the next month which it wouldn't of been anyway if the transaction had gone through normally?

So do you hate shops for charging your account for something you willingly purchased, when a month later you need the money?

TheSpoiler2276d ago

Not that I haven't had an issue like this before. But it wasn't months later. It was just a few days, maybe three weeks at the most.

Ron_Danger2275d ago

So it's Sony's fault because you don't know how to balance a checkbook?

Jdoki2276d ago

Guess I must have missed the story where people complained they were getting free stuff from Sony!!

If people aren't smart enough to keep track of finances, tough luck.

Pintheshadows2276d ago

I've had this happen before on Amazon.

About a week went by with no charge. I went into my bank and to see if they could figure it out but the transaction just said pending. It went through after 2 weeks and I just had to make sure I had the money in my account.

If you manage your finances properly then this surprisingly common occurence isn't a big deal. I wanted to spend that money on CD's and i'd received them without being charged. I wasn't then STUPID enough to go out and spend that money that I knew for a fact would be taken from my account in due time.

Hicken2275d ago

Exactly. It'd be different if you were getting charged twice, but you're just getting charged late. It's extremely weird that it's taking so long to go through, but still.

Yes, LevelHead, I'm defending Sony again. Now come say something only half-related and expect me to rebut your inane claim.