Video: Black Mesa Source – Watch the first 20 minutes

James Love, VGTODAY.net: "As you’re probably well aware, a little Source Engine mod called Black Mesa launched earlier this week, giving us an eight hour taster of the original Half-Life when re-imagined on the Source Engine."

Evil Rant Monkey4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

It was released yesterday. It's free, nostalgic, and awesome!

sjaakiejj4288d ago

Looking forward to freeing up some time and playing through this game. I've not played the original half life, even though I've owned it for years. Playing it now is difficult due to poor graphics and a lack of nostalgia to make up for them.


The studio that somehow improved on Half-Life with Black Mesa teases beta tests for its next game

The studio responsible for refining Half-Life with an unofficial, Valve-approved reimagining has teased an upcoming project that needs beta testers.

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XiNatsuDragnel105d ago

Excited for your next game guys.


Valve Just Patched A Two-Decade Old Bug In Half Life

As part of the title’s 25th anniversary, that long-established glitch has now been resolved.

Barlos201d ago

Been replaying this on my steam deck now that it's been updated with modern controls and is now fully verified. Have to say I'm surprised to see how well it holds up. Was a great game in 1998 and it's still a great game 25 years on.

Fist4achin200d ago

Someone is working on a half life game. HL3 confirmed...


Valve Developed Half-Life Without A Cohesive Plan, Devs Confirm

The textures in Half-Life were seemingly only produced by a single person, as confirmed in a new in-depth documentary about the game.