Obsidian's Project Eternity Kickstarter Funded In Under Two Days

Although relying on the lofty goal of $1.1 million, gamers have responded to Obsidian's call to help fund their latest RPG, with Project Eternity being fully funded in under two days

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Lucreto2224d ago

It is amazing how well it is doing on name alone. No screenshots, no trailer, not even art for it and it got $1.1 million.

I gave a few quid as well.

dedicatedtogamers2224d ago

That's because it's friggin' Obsidian. They have the credentials, but they are FAMOUS for having their budget and schedule cut out from under them, resulting in ambitious but buggy/unfinished games (F:New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, Temple of Elemental Evil, Neverwinter 2, etc).

On Kickstarter perhaps they will finally get the time and budget that they need to create another masterpiece. They certainly have the talent for it.

(I'm a backer of Shadowrun Returns and Wasteland 2, too. I love kickstarter!)

Lucreto2224d ago

Yes Obsidian are very good. People talk them down but I see past that.

I have this, Broken sword and Double fine adventure.

BlackIceJoe2224d ago

I am so happy to see it off to a great start for Obsidian. They are one of my favorite developers. So it is great to see other people think they are great too. I can't wait to see what they have in mind for this new series. So I wish them the best & hope they will get many more people supporting this Kickstarter.