Bayonetta 2 Exposes Gamers as Terrible Fanboys

GR: Before we get into the actual reactions here, let’s get through the facts. Bayonetta 2 has been announced, by Nintendo, as a Wii U exclusive. It is being published and financed by Nintendo. SEGA, who directed Platinum to Nintendo if they wanted to get the game funded, is acting as an advisor, but is not the publisher nor the owner of this game. This game would not exist without this funding. SEGA was not willing to pay for its development. You can blame SEGA for this situation, but Nintendo are the only reason the game exists at all.

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Godmars2902226d ago

People are not happy with the idea of having to buy a new system to play a sequel - what part of that is not understood?

I get that people are being over-darmatic, but that's still the issue.

LOGICWINS2226d ago

People have ALWAYS had to buy new systems to play certain sequels. MGS2, MGS4, Halo 3, GT5, GOW3 etc. Thats the way its ALWAYS been. Whats the issue now?

Godmars2902226d ago

1) That this cycle has gone on for as long as it has.
2) Its skipping/jumping brands. MGS1=PS1 - MGS2=PS2. Halo1=Xbox1 - Halo3=Xbox 360.
3) No one having to seen the new game, the general air of underwhelment towards the WiiU's specs, the overreacting assumption is that nothing will be done that couldn't have been on the PS3/360.

And yes, I get that if Nintendo hadn't fronted the money the game wouldn't be made which gives them the right to say where it goes, but until the thing is out and proves that the PS3 and 360 couldn't handle it, 360/PS3 owners who were into the first game aren't going to be happy about how things turned out. Might even have a right to feel a bit betrayed, again, largely because this gen has gone on as long as it has. Has been both a disappointment in regards to creativity, and a statement towards the exploitative mentality that's taken over the industry.

Hisiru2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

And still, the title is correct. If it wasn't for Nintendo Bayonetta 2 would still be cancelled in the first place because Platinum Games has no money to self publish their title and SEGA was going to cancel it anyway, so people should be happy this project is coming.

Even with this explanation, people is saying bad things about Nintendo and Platinum games. lol

Also, a lot of fanboys says "I have no reason to buy a WiiU" and when they get more and more reason they get mad? Lol

They say WiiU has no games like God of War and when we have an exclusive similar to God of War for the WiiU they complain again?

This is fanboy hypocrisy imo.

Every system needs a reason to be sold, WiiU is no exception.

TruthbeTold2226d ago

Exactly. Why are people pretending as if Nintendo 'stole' this from their ability to play it when the reality is, without Nintendo, this series would be done. It's sickening. I can't tell if these people are willingly ignorant, or just haters beyond reason. Probably both.

StraightedgeSES2226d ago

@Godmars290 People who bought the n64 had to spend 350 dollar for the playstation 1 and final fantasy 7 so that logic is flawed.

Godmars2902226d ago

Except it can be argued - no, its fact - that FF7 would have been starkly different on the N64. An early test render using FF6 characters more than suggest it. The cost of cart memory at the time also would have had drastic limitations and effects on the game now known as FF7. What's going on now just doesn't compare.

And for what little its worth I feel that Nintendo and Platinum are well within the right to do what they're doing, but I also at least understand why many would be mildly upset over this development - though of course they're being anything but mild in expressing it.

In a less than clusterf*ck of a gen than this one this it wouldn't even be an issue: The 1st Bayonetta would have been 360 and seen a sequel which saw minor improvements. With maybe a port to the PS3 months to a year later.

Frack me for not calling out your usual flawed logic sooner!

MGS3? GOW2? GT3, 4 as well the numerous special editions? Fracking Halo 2 which really started online multiplayer on consoles?

In comparison to those series I just can't see Bayonetta 2 being a blip on the radar - besides of course for all the b*tching that's going on now on both sides.

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live2play2226d ago

they are not mad at the idea of having to buy a new console to play the game

they are mad at the idea of having to buy A NEW NINTENDO CONSOLE

they are mad because they think nintendo STOLE bayonetta
they are mad because they think platnium games SOLD OUT

they DONT realize that platnium games could not get a publisher to fund their game

or choose not to believe it

why would platnium purposely limit their game to one platform?
they had no other option

they wanted to make the game and nintendo gave them a chance

Hicken2226d ago

I don't care who makes it. I'm mad because I can't continue the story I started on the same hardware I stared it on, while said hardware is still relevant. I'm not mad at Nintendo, because I understand that the game possibly would not be made without out them; I'm simply mad at the situation, which dictates that I must now buy a new console for the continued story.

In response to the article, I don't think these people count as gamers. I think they could as idiots. They are the worst of humanity, and just so happen to have some amount of interest in games. The fact of the matter is that these same individuals would have found something else to bitch about if Bayonetta weren't an issue.

I'd ask that these people not be called gamers, as I don't want to be lumped in with such ignorant people.

BrutallyBlunt2226d ago

Let's see, Hicken was upset over the ending for Mass Effect 3 and he also claims to never have owned an XBOX360. Therefore it's plausable that he started playing Mass Effect with part 2 on the PS3 with a summary of what happend with the first Mass Effect game. No big deal right? Now please tell us all the cliffhanger that left gamers wanting to find out the rest of the story for Bayonetta 2? Did we even know Bayonetta 2 was even coming out before this week?

Games like Final Fantasy have a deeper storyline yet that series didn't start out on the Playstation did it? If people want to play Bayonetta bad enough they can buy a Wii U. If not there are plenty of other games to choose from. It's not a big deal.

yewles12226d ago

Same old, same old. This crap is MILD compared to what guys like Kojima got back in the day.

NovusTerminus2226d ago

And this Bayonetta issue has only been exacerbated by the "journalist" of gaming. Let it go, and the people will move on as well.

It's done and set it stone, if not for Nintendo, B2 might not ever be made. I can understand not wanting to or not being able to afford a new console for the game, but those are the facts.

PopRocks3592226d ago

I don't think it's worth just letting it go. I think that behavior like this should be condemned by gamers (which thankfully in this instance it has been, by at least a few). It makes gamers in general look like pretty much what the headline suggests.

Megaton2226d ago

You sound like a political suit. "I strongly condemn my opponent's attacks!"

PopRocks3592226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )


I'm glad the only argument you could come up with was my use of the english language.

EDIT: Okay.

Megaton2226d ago

Don't be so defensive, I wasn't trying to argue with you. I just always hear politicians "condemning" things, as if they just dropped some serious business. That word is silly and meaningless to me because of them.

Megaton2226d ago

More like passionate fans overreact to semi-bad news. It puts people into an uncomfortable position. Having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a sequel to a game on a console they already own. It's not like the Wii U is some next-gen tech marvel that will push the series to new heights, warranting new hardware. I get the annoyance. Some people just can't express themselves maturely.

TruthbeTold2226d ago

No matter how powerful the other 'Next Gen' consoles end up being, if they are anywhere near affordable, such a game wouldn't make any huge leaps aesthetically. The Wii U does though, offer a controller method that will likely enhance the gameplay of this series to a pleasing extent.

People (and I'm not saying you Megaton) love to trash Nintendo for not going out on a limb to make sure that more 'AAA, Hardcore, 3rd party titles come to their consoles'. Then they do it, for the specific reason that people say they want them to, and this is the response?

And it's been said 100 times already, but there's be no shelling out of any money to play this game if Nintendo didn't save it from cancellation.

So the only sensible reactions are to say 'Alright! I get to play this game even though it appeared that I wouldn't be able to!' or 'Well I can't afford/don't want to buy a Wii U, so nothing changes for me regarding this game'. There is no added negative unless people just want to be irrational and complain.

Megaton2226d ago

The controller can be seen as a negative, just as the Wii-mote. A gimmicky controller can ruin an otherwise great game. It's not as bad as motion gaming, but I do question the need or want of a 2nd screen. What might seem like an additional tool on paper could easily turn out to be little more than an annoying distraction in practice.

gamer78042226d ago

The article bases part of its claim on nintendo saving bayonetta, this is not the case, sega just suggested nintendo, platinum could have shopped elsewhere. Of course nintendo offered lots of support/$, this is why they sold out their fans.

also, wii-u is the next generation wii. But compared to the xbox and ps3 its not really a true nextgen leap when using those as comparisons.

these 2 reasons are why bayonetta fans are upset.

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