Joel And Ellie The Last of Us Interview Part 1 | writes "Tell us a bit about your in game characters Joel and Ellie?

Troy: The Character I play is Joel he is very much a brutal survivor, he is someone that remembers the world before this horrible pandemic ravaged humanity. There was a line in the audition that goes “ Joel has few moral lines left to cross” and this was the anchor I tied myself to as that was a very defining statement about anybody."

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Walker2224d ago

This game will be biggest Achievement in this generation !

BoneIdle2224d ago

A defining moment for the PS3 alright

Conzul2223d ago

Ellie is an orphan and there exists a quarantine zone. In your book those might not count as spoilers but they do in mine, esp in story based games like this.

WeskerChildReborned2224d ago

Can't wait to see more gameplay.

Crazyglues2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Yeah I love these actors, they are doing an amazing job on the voice work...

and I love watching that capture video, it's really amazing to see how they capture the motion and blend it with the voice to make an epic scene..

Makes you appreciate just how much work is going into making those cut scenes look authentic..

Can't wait for this game... Looks like it's going to be an Amazing game.

This game is just going to be unreal, -


Conzul2223d ago

Gee, thanks guys for shouting "SPOILER ALERT" /s
This article spoils some parts of the setup that I'd rather have discovered on my first playthrough.

BoneIdle2223d ago

The article has no spoilers other than Joel is a man and Ellie a girl and they meet a guy called Bill. if that's a spoiler you would be better off not reading anything about the game. It is clearly labeled an interview about the last of us what did you expect it to nit talk about the game?

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Hazmat132223d ago

cant wait to play this. love a game with an epic fucking storyline.

DigitalRaptor2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

As much as some people might want to brush this off as "just another generic linear third person uncharted clone zombie shooter", the rest of us understand that the AI Naughty Dog have created is certainly one of the greatest and likely to be one of the most influential achievements this generation, going into the next.

The story, characters, attention to detail in gameplay and environment, will be stellar. What they're trying to achieve on a personal level with character interaction and development is going to be something unique and special in gaming, and the gameplay itself, as "wide linear" with remarkably advanced AI, will be a sight to behold and to play.

Non-regenerating health, real-time inventory management, enemies that react realistically and dynamically every time, great art direction, non-intrusive soundtrack, great emotional storytelling. Always the painstakingly subtle things to make something that will stand as art, as much as it will an exhilarating gameplay experience.

So far it's full of win, especially for the survival genre, and I don't see that changing from now until its release day.

Conzul2223d ago

Yeah I can barely wait either. At this point my only concern is that the game will be too short.