Wii U Preview: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hands-On | Machinima

Machinima: "During Nintendo’s Wii U-specific press conference earlier this week, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg announced that their upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops 2, would be coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console. Shortly after the announcement was made, we were invited to try it out for ourselves."

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imXify2222d ago

Gonna pick this up for sure :)
Imma wiimote hipfire maniac

Sono4212221d ago

It would be cool if they made it so you could connect 2 Wii U gamepads so then 3 people could all play at once without the need of the screen being split at all. Then imagine 4 players.. the screen would only be split once! Or what if the Wii U is strong enough to do 6 players? I'm not sure if you can have that many controllers connected at once but imagine, 2 people on gamepads then 4 others using the TV and Pro Controllers or Wiimote + Nunchuk. Thatd be really cool! but too bad I don't think any of that is going to happen :(

Sono4212221d ago

Why am I getting disagrees for something that would be cool? Now I don't understand..

ronin4life2221d ago

There will be two pad support down the road, but not at launch or within the launch window. Nintendo has stated 2 to be the maximum.

People may be disagreeing with your lack of knowledge on the situation... which is kind of stupid. If that is why, they could have just told you...-_-;;
Regardless, don't worry about it. ^_^

Sono4212221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I know there is two pad support (I never said there wasn't) but i'm saying that it's confirmed it doesn't have it so i'm disappointed. The only thing I was doubting it may not be able to do is 6 players because even though it uses the gamepads it would still have to render 6 different screens and that would take alot of power, especially to try to do that maintaining 60 fps.

Gamer-Z2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Will this be the superior version of BO2??

WeskerChildReborned2221d ago

Apparently it was confirmed to be full 1080p HD and 60 frames per second but it didn't look much different to the 360 or ps3's version.

DivineAssault 2221d ago

can u communicate on this? i didnt see any headsets or anything else detailing the multiplayer aspect

Lf_sIcKmAn2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

The controller has a microphone and a audio jack output (not sure if speakers although i think it might) so it has the capabilities to handle voice chat… Don't really know if they will use it this way but i don't see why not.

Edit: I just checked, it has stereo speakers so it doesn't need the headphones to hear things…

DivineAssault 2221d ago

yes i know it has the capability but "is it supported?" 3DS has speakers & a mic on it but theres only 1 game that uses it.. I dont like the fact these things havent been discussed by them.. I have so many unanswered questions about the machine & that makes me think that its not there..

ronin4life2221d ago

I think those things were confirmed for CoDBlops2... but I can't remember.
You may be able to google that part of the conference and see if they mention it. I can't imagine they wouldn't support these features...

Kennytaur2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

You know the text chat, like on PC? It would be cool if that showed up on the controller.