PS4 & Xbox 720 put on notice? Wii U and Nintendo TVii deliver impactful showing

Here is a look at what all was great about the Wii U and how the Playstation and Xbox should be careful with their next consoles. These consoles will probably last another seven to ten years so do you think the Wii U will have the longevity necessary to stay successful?

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Khordchange2277d ago

I still think it was dumb of Microsoft and Sony to wait so long to releaese a system, now nintendo's got all this hype and sales(preorders selling out) to themselves.

MasterCornholio2276d ago

Im willing to wait because so far i am not convinced that the Wii U is vastly more powerful than the 360 and the PS3. The controller is a great idea but it would be nice to have an extremely powerful console as well.

Many gamers have bought a Wii with a PS3 or a 360 and i am expecting the same thing to happen again because while the Wii U has an extremely innovative control scheme it might lack the technical prowness that the 720 and PS4 will have.

I dont mean to offend you but this is just my opinion.

--Onilink--2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

you know, im not sure why people are still doubting the power of the wiiU, or base it on whats seen just on launch games.

They have actually shown specs that paint a very good picture in regards to the power

CPU: Its a custom Power7 CPU w/3 cores. They also informed the power consumption. Most people might not realize that with some knowledge of the architecture of current CPUs and GPUs and that detail of the power consumption you can tell a lot. Basically we can expect the CPU to be about 3 times faster than current gen.

RAM: The WiiU has 2Gb RAM. 1Gb for OS, 1Gb for Games. Current gen games have 512mb for everything (the PS3 also has it split and cannot be shared so its technically worse in that aspect) So thats 4 times the RAM. And if the 3DS is anything to go by, Nintendo will probably allow devs to take some of that reserved OS RAM for games, giving developers around 1.5Gb exclusively to game. That could easily be 6x what developers have to work on these days.

Discs: The WiiU uses 25gb discs so its on par with the PS3 and above the 360. The disc drive is another story. The reading speed is 22mb/s, which is almost 2.5x the reading speed of the PS3(9mb/s). That can go along way to help with pop-ups problem, loading times and avoid so many installs.

Graphics card: This one is the one we know the least, again you can put some things into perspective knowing the power consumption, but even in the worse case scenarios, the GPGPU Nintendo is using is at least 3-4 times more powerfull than the PS3/360, which run on modified versions of really old cards.

So as you can see, even without knowing info on the graphics card, looking at the worst case scenario we are looking at the WiiU being 3-4 times more powerfull than current gen.

I dont know about you, but 4x more powerful is more than enough for me.

AJBACK2FRAG2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

... and 2013 basically to themselves. I think if Microsoft or Sony had something to quell all the Wii U hype they'd release something... an announcement, or press conference something but they haven't which basically means so far... they got shit.
It's ironic these two media giants haven't come up with something like Nintendo TVii yet. I think of NTVII as a amazing new piece of the Wii U puzzle and what did Reggie say "free"? That's incentive
I said it before, I'll say it again a little louder so the f***ing trollers and the PS3 fanboys and all doubters in the back can hear, "THE WII U IS GOING TO BE HUGE!".
When the PS4 and the 720 do finally surface the Wii U could already have an install base of twenty million world wide maybe even fifty million...

DivineAssault 2276d ago

Its a cool addition to home consoles.. Vita can multitask as well.. This system might be the beginning of a 2nd screen being a standard in game consoles... I still think the pro controller shouldve been included in every box.. Some of us dont wana use that tab & itl die out in 4 hours

ronin4life2276d ago

Did they actually say how long the battery life is? I honestly don't know.

Although, since you aren't supposed to leave your house with it and it can hook into any wall outlet, 4 hours sounds pretty reasonable itself.

Boody-Bandit2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Nintendo is going after a different demographic than Sony and MS. Nintendo coming out first is happening because they are using antiquated hardware which is cheaper to design and manufacture. Sony and MS will take a much bigger risk while spending more money on cutting edge technology for their hardware and most likely it will be released at a higher MSRP than that of the Wii U.

Nintendo, Sony and MS all did fine this generation and will all do fine next generation.

No offense to Nintendo fans, I'm a gamer and not a troll, but in my circles (been gaming since it's inception in the 70's) nobody I know is even interested in the Wii U and all of them have both the PS3 and XBox 360. We were all once huge Nintendo fans but most of the gamers I know barely used the Wii and didn't purchase a lot of GameCube games. I have them all but I haven't played a game on my Wii since 2010.

I'm more of an online gamer now. I am interested in the Wii U but not overly optimistic.

Sonyslave32276d ago

I wouldn't be so sure sony already said they not going to spend crazy money on the ps4 like they did for the ps3.

Boody-Bandit2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Of course Sony will spend significantly less money on the PS4. The bulk of the money they spent on the PS3 was because of the Cell and BluRay. So of course it will be cheaper to manufacture the PS4 since that technology is now vastly cheaper to implement. Sony lost a ton of money on the PS3 because of that.

They most likely could build a cutting edge PS4 at a half to a third the cost of the PS3. It will definitely be cutting edge as will the "NextBox". <- I prefer referring to it as the nextbox instead of 720. We all know it wont be called the 720.

I'm not criticizing Nintendo with the Wii U. IMHO it has my attention a lot more than the Wii did. I am very intrigued but hesitant until I see more games in action. I'm not into all the integration MS, Sony and Nintendo are now implementing with Netflix, Social Apps, etc. I purchase my gaming consoles purely for gaming.

I preordered a Wii U just in case I want one. If not it will make a great gift for my son.

ronin4life2276d ago

I'm not expecting those ventures to be all that, with Sony bleeding money and Microsoft focusing on multi media and Kinect integration...

And if your circle is as dismissive of gc and Wii as you say, you guys missed out on some really great games like little kings story, tales of symphonia, fragile ruins... I'm not offended or trying to be offensive myself on the subject, but I do think the Wii and GameCube were grossly under appreciated by many.

AJBACK2FRAG2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Ahhhh not really Sony went from first place to last (and if you ain't first you're last!) and by the way the PS3 sucks at "move"ing software! Nintendo went from last place to first (That's much better.) and moved seemingly endless amounts of software.
I don't care who you know. The buzz on the Wii U is... deafening.
Just 'cause you say something it don't mean it's true and I basically disagree with everything you wrote except,"I'm more of an online gamer now."
Don't think for a minute I forget about Microsoft they sold their customers video game consoles that they knew would break.They even built in a little warning light to let you know you're screwed. Then lied and people gave them a pass 'cause, I honestly have no Idea!
"Nothing wrong with silver!"

demetreHG2276d ago

OOOo watch out Ps4 and Xbox 720 the crappy console Wii-U will dominate you hahahahahahahahaahhaahha not in this lifetime hahahahahahahahha

Lvl_up_gamer2274d ago

Lmfao that is the same thing that was said at the beginning of this gen regarding the Wii.

AO1JMM2276d ago

I will eventually own all 3 next gen systems so I can care less which 1 is more powerful than the next.