Many core gamers will ignore the Wii U

So now Nintendo has spilled the beans on its Wii U console, gamers can weigh up the possibilities of cost versus need more readily.

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Moonman2227d ago

And many won't. Buy what you want, no need to act like Nintendo won't move units based only off the idea of a "core" gamer. Many gamers (regardless of title) won't ignore WiiU.

MostJadedGamer2227d ago

Actually many will because there Wii's have been in there closets for years collecting dust. The Wii U is going to be a very tough sell for the majority of Wii owners.

Dee_912227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

spokesman for the masses i see

PopRocks3592226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )


Wii had hardware droughts. Plenty of them. If the content on Wii U is more steady, then it probably won't be abandoned as easily.

That and I think an F-Zero and a Star Fox game would probably entice people.

AWBrawler2226d ago

My wii is connect to my TV with Monster Hunter Tri inside as of right now. stop pretending we don't play our console

pixelsword2226d ago

hard to say: I don't think some of those will respect the Wii U until the games come out, so overall the Wii may have a rough start but it will probably do well.

gaffyh2226d ago

@PopRocks - Wii's extended hardware droughts were because of Nintendo's incompetence. I mean months into the launch, people still couldn't get Wii's because they weren't manufacturing enough. It wasn't really because of it having great games, it was because it had Wii Sports, and that's it.

sonic9892226d ago

the wii had the woow factor with its controller because it was unique thats why it sold well among non gamers its not due to mario and stuff because the game cube didnt do well the 64 too but as i said the woow factor
and i think microsoft and sony wont let the same woow factor beat them plus the price needs to be well studied by MS and Sony

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RaidensRising2227d ago

If Wii U gets exclusive Metal Gear or Resident Evil games like Nintendo has done before then I'm sold.

HammadTheBeast2227d ago

When has Nintendo has exclusive MGS games? Or even Resident Evil for that matter, other than the 3DS one, which was meant to come on PSP as well, but cancelled due to piracy.

mamotte2227d ago

Or you can count Resident evil zero, or RE1: Remake (awesome game, btw), RE4 was a limited time exlusive, same as Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, hell, they even had a unique RE game for the Game Boy Color. Add metal gear solid twin snakes, and, just in case you cant remember since you're too young, or so it seems, the Metal Gear saga started in the NES.


ronin4life2227d ago

Resident evil 4, until capcom back tracked on itself and made it Multi platform. And the original metal gear games on nes and the GC remake of that one ps2 metal gear were at their time exclusives.

Oh_Yeah2226d ago


actually metal gear first started on the msx2 system, then ported to nes.

hellvaguy2226d ago

MGS and Resident Evil were whored out to every console over a decade ago. They arent going back to exclusive status.

MaxXAttaxX2225d ago

The original Metal Gear games were on MSX2 computers.
The NES version was a sub-par PORT.

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GuruStarr782227d ago

Not this 'core' gamer.....

meganick2226d ago

Me neither. Wii U looks set to offer a good mix of core and casual games, and I enjoy both, so I'm getting one.

dubal-e2226d ago

Yep already reserved mine

SwiftArsonist2227d ago

I really dont know if i should get this. First party Nintendo games are always fun but I feel this system will suffer the same fate as the Wii when the new consoles come out next year.