Wii U Sold Out Online At Best Buy

Best Buy, an US retailer, has now sold out of both the 32GB Premium Wii U console and also the 8GB Basic Wii U console online. Best Buy has removed the console from its website library, ones looking to pre-order the console from Best Buy will be greeted by a page not found notification for both SKU’s. Nothing had been said about the store being sold out, so we will keep an eye out on the news, stay tune for more info.

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GuruStarr782222d ago

damn... glad I preordered one yesterday at Gamestop..... sounds like all the preorders are going to be gone soon.... word is (what the salesman at gstop said..LOL) is that there probably won't be any available until after Xmas if you don't preorder..... I actually believe the gstop guy on this one....

Khordchange2222d ago

Yeah..... its gonna do fine at launch, Im just worried that I will have to buy one on ebay for 800 to 1000 bucks, I was gonna wait till november but I dont think I can

ronin4life2222d ago

Has it even come up on Amazon yet ?

ronin4life2221d ago

Seems to me it is being limited to direct Retail stores for now...
Thanks for the link^.^

MightyPatapon2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

The tide of pre-orders don't really mean anything to the initial success of a system.


ronin4life2222d ago

If I remember correctly, the first edition bundles were very limited, and had a bunch of incentives for what was the absolutely guaranteed first buyers anyway.

Nonetheless, this is a good point and absolutely true. But I will remain... cautiously optimistic.

MightyPatapon2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Well, I assume that this premium, black 32 GB Wii U is also going to be, to some extent, a limited edition also so it is very much a fair comparison.

Moonman2222d ago

But in this case, with a November launch...the numbers are far more higher. Nintendo's launch numbers even for 3DS broke weekly records.

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