First Gameplay Footage of The War Z

Arktos Entertainment only recently announced the multiplayer zombie survival game The War Z. While our initial interview / reveal gave our audience details on what they could expect, and there were a few screenshots to accompany the story, the game still wasn't ready to be shown in video. Well that's changed, and though it's still in an alpha state, meaning there are missing and non-final sounds, lighting issues and many other issues that are being worked on, the studio wanted to give you a taste of what they've got so far. What follows are three gameplay clips that encompass a seven minute play session.

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SeanScythe2226d ago

Not really first gameplay since there was some already released last 2 weeks ago. But this shows a few things, Dynamic Lighting
Large Inventory
Zombies in the Woods
Attachments for weapons
3rd and FPS
People joining and leaving the world
Zombies don't continue to respawn right away
Ragdoll effects

Needed to show
Weather effects
Group interaction
Zombie awareness when prone
Zombie speeds
Head shots only will kill
Throwing things to Distract the zombies
Melee combat
more gameplay!

ATi_Elite2224d ago

Good "Needed to show list"

I myself am not impressed with the Graphics! HL2 from 2004 looks better than WarZ so far.

I hope that Gas mask has a purpose which would add cool gameplay like STALKER or Metro 2033.

I don't want to compare WarZ Alpha with DayZ but i have no choice and just to think DayZ is not even close to being finished either as every patch adds new stuff.

Hopefully WarZ will be dynamic like DayZ! Just have to wait for the finished product!

MySwordIsHeavenly2225d ago

Looks good. They used the Crysis in-game gun-modding menu. Lol.

NoOoB1012225d ago

This looks good. Didn't like that they didn't show much of the zombies though..only 2 in that whole little area and looks like items aren't to scarce. But im sure they are still tweaking and fixing things right now.

danieldeath2225d ago

He sounds like he's walking on cement wearing dress shoes.

ALICE6662225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

wow the game is very far along than i had thought it would be. color me impressed. whether it is actually fun to play remains to be seen though. cant wait til beta. :)