Bayonetta 2 Isn’t the First Platform-Jumper and Won’t be the Last

GenGAME writes: "The past few days have been fairly exciting for Nintendo fans. The Wii U’s price and release date were officially announced along with some interesting features and games we hadn’t heard about previously. Not everyone is happy, however; in particular, many fans of Platinum Games action title Bayonetta are livid after the announcement that Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive even though the first game was a multi-platform title for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

"This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In fact, let’s take a look at a few other times a franchise has jumped systems."

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Relientk772227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

It's not

Oddworld and Tenchu franchises also jumped systems

Godmars2902227d ago

They were also not well received on their new systems. Oddworld especially while Tenchu had show signs of running out of gas long ago.

NukaCola2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

MS Killed Oddworld. Munch was the face of Xbox, but then Halo came out and they completely killed off the franchise instead of letting more than one game thrive. Sad.

Thankfully Oddworld is back. On Playstation again and Abe's Oddysee HD is getting a world premier at the Eurogamer Conference on 30 Sept.

Also, I don't know why anyone didn't catch this unless it changed, but Rayman Legends is Wii U exclusive as well and it was on all systems with Origins. I am personally more upset that that game went exclusive than Bayonetta. Either way, those game are game I will get the Wii U for, so kudos on making a comeback.

Relientk772227d ago

When I heard Oddworld was going to Xbox, and I bought a PS2. I was not happy at all, I loved the Oddworld games on PS1

Thatguy-3102227d ago

Sega didn't want to fund for a sequel so if it weren't for nintendo no one would have bothered bringing back the series. This news only sucks for the fans but the majority that didn't buy it back then don't care about this installment even more now since its exclusive for nintendo. Its gotten so much attention because of the fans of the first game are in an uproar.

eagle212227d ago

Bayonetta 2 will sell so good off these free advertisement for Nintendo. I've seen about 40 at least Bayonetta 2 articles.

KingItachi2227d ago

I don't for see many third party games going Wii u exclusive.

beerkeg2227d ago

No one saw Bayonetta 2 going Wii U exclusive did they?

2227d ago
KingItachi2227d ago

Yes no one saw Bayonetta 2 being Wii u exclusive, that still does not indicate that many others will follow.

beerkeg2227d ago

It doesn't change the fact that no one saw it coming though. And yes, I doubt very much that it is going to be a system seller, but it's a good indication that Nintendo is prepared to take risks on ips and is seriously trying to cater to the 'hardcore'.

What I was making a point mostly on was KingItachi saying he didn't see many 3rd party games going Wii U exclusive. Because no one knows how things are going to go with the next gen.

Did anyone see Sony being the way they were this gen, or more importantly, Nintendo?

Gohadouken2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

well it is a system seller actually . Just not in the literal sense most likely .

But look at the point of view of some people around here now positive about the wii u , myself included .

Before Bayo 2 announcement ? Little and close to no incentive as i wasnt expecting my kind of games to be on Wii U . Hardly the first time Nintendo make promises on that front , and usually publishers dont follow much through .

Post announcement ?

Obviously not just on Bayo 2 but along with stuff like the next Monolith game , i'm fairly sold to the idea .

System seller arent always the game that sell millions . It can be those titles you would never buy , but makes you believe you have a wide array of titles for all your tastes .

You know it's true , most people here didnt buy Shadows of the Colossus , Ico , Oddworld , Heavy Rain , but are usually showering them with praises , and buying the consoles that could offer them such titles

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legendoflex2227d ago

There are already a good half-dozen scheduled for the first few months. That's not bad.

fei-hung2227d ago

Bayonetta will no doubt be awesome, just like Madworld was and other exclusives the Wii got this generation, this doesn't mean it will sell well.

Bayonetta may have jumped ship, and for those consoles who lack a decent number of hack and sash it will mean a lot, but those who have some quality hack and slash, it may hurt but wont be a deal breaker enough so to make them buy a WiiU.

Luckily those who own a PS3 will have God of War and I won't be surprised if they pull out a Heavenly Sword next gen or something to make up for the lack of Bayonetta.

Then we have the multiplats in Darskiders, Castlevania, Metal Gear Rising Revengence, maybe a new DMC based on the original Dante. MS may make another Ninja Blade and am sure there will be new IP's to grace new consoles to take advantage of the next gen consoles.

Whether Bayonetta is the 1st to jump ship isn't as interesting a question as to how Sony and MS will react to losing Bayonetta and how it has caused a huge uproad amongst Bayonetta fans.

WIll they sit by and do nothing, will they create a new IP, will they ask PG to make another game for them or will they hope whatever they have is enough and do nothing.

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cleft52227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

This move by Platinum Games has gotten actual PR for their Bayonetta game. For all the crying, Bayonetta 1 just didn't sell great and if they released 2 on multiple console it would not have sold well either.

Before you all disagree, ask yourselves this one question: how much happier would we all have been if Final Fantasy stayed on 1 platform? So much content was removed from FF13 that the game became a shadow of it's former self and what we where left with was, to many, a disaster. Multiple platforms isn't always a good thing. I know we all wanted this game for like the ps4/720, but if Platinum Games hadn't made this move than Bayonetta 2 would not exist.

With the current state of the industry, who is to even say that Platinum Games would have been around when the ps4/720 came out. Their latest game (Anarchy Reigns) has not sold well, a trend for them, and despite it being finished and translated it has yet to be released in the West. Guys I love Platinum Games, but what that company needs is the backing of a major publisher, like Nintendo, so they can just make the games they love and have those games promoted in a major way.

Soldierone2227d ago

Why do sales mean everything? Why not just release it for the fans and make a good game? Platinum games is fine. They have MGS, Vanquish, and the sales were not zero, they just were not godly....

That exact reason is why we don't see sequels to good games. Mirrors Edge etc....because they didn't sell godly, so the big greedy publisher loses interest.

cleft52227d ago

I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from and I wished that the industry worked like that too. Please understand, sells matter a lot because it cost money to hire talent to make games. Game developers need to turn a profit in order to keep making games and they want to be able to pay their employees well for working so hard.

The video game industry is very much a business and we have the likes of EA and Activision to thank for that. Also, if the sells of Platinum Games games was only average than that would be okay, but Platinum Games has a history of making games that sell poorly. A company has to turn a profit in order to stay in business, that's just how it works.

If we, the hardcore gamers, brought more copies of Mirror's Edge, Vanquish, and Bayonetta then the makers of those games would have sold enough copies to keep their business going the way they want it to go. Because they didn't have great sales we have this situation with Nintendo publishing Bayonetta and not even knowing if there will ever be a Mirror's Edge 2. I am sorry, but that's just how it is.

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