Borderlands 2 Weapons Maker Spotlight: Jakobs

Montgomery Jakobs founded his company on traditional, die-hard principles. One single bullet to destroy your target. Literally destroyed. Arms over there, legs over here. Skull reduced to dust and shrapnel.

Destroyed. Kaput. Good old-fashioned dead.

Jakobs doesn't fuss overmuch with things like accuracy, recoil compensation or elemental damage. These are firearms of a different breed.

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GTRrocker6662223d ago

The shotgun and handgun look effin sweet. I like the old look to them. Its cool they have both futuristic style weapons and old timey looking guns to choose from.

vortis2223d ago

Man, I love me some Jakobs...headshots or go home.

Pintheshadows2223d ago

I had an excellent Jakobs revolver in the first Borderlands. It was insanely powerful, accurate, had a good RoF and it looked sweet.

On the downside it took an age to reload.