Battleperks Pre-Beta Signups Now Open

Triverse writes, "Tired of playing games against others and having nothing but ‘bragging rights’ about your win? Or worse yet, watching as your opponent drops out at that critical moment when you know victory is seized and the game is about to record your win, stealing away another notch in the winners column for you. Battleperks eliminates these problems by having referees available for verifying wins and losses and to help make the service stand out, points are awarded to the winners and can be used to purchase real world items in the store (or even cold hard cash through Paypal)."

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CrimsonessCross2226d ago

"We will implement a referee system to online competitive games. Users will be able to referee other's matches as a method of earning points. This also eliminates cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct."

Something I'm literally curious about since one user can buy off another user, a group, or at least something I am afraid of, honestly. Maybe I'm thinking of it wrong.

It sounds interesting though. I just wonder what kind of prizes could be offered through something like this, what kind of "competitive gaming" is done through the service/system as well.

It has me leery with how it would work though. I'll bookmark it possibly.

BattlePerks2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Hello CrimsonessCross,

My name is Casey McNeil, and I'm one of the founders of

We just launched our pre-registration for the upcoming beta this week, and we're getting quite a bit of attention. I can understand your concerns, so let me attempt to address some of them here:

The referees will be community members and, while we are still discussing the selection criteria, we plan on having several checks and balances in place to make sure that the people who get chosen as referees are trustworthy people.

The difference with our system is the fact that players can earn points by purchasing games and gaming gear from partner sites, completing offers or surveys, referring friends, or even signing up for services (e.g "Sign up for GameFly and you will receive 1500 BattlePoints.")
There will be many different ways for gamers to earn points and our goal is to reward players for purchases they are already making.

Players can then wager these points on matches. Points can then be used as a way to compensate referees for their time, and can also be redeemed for prizes.

Winning players will have no need to earn points manually, as they will be able to earn more points by continuing to do what they already do; winning matches. The overall effect is that points will tend to flow towards the more talented players.

We have agreements with some sponsors already, but more will come as we gain traction. Having sponsors isn't really all that important though, as non-sponsored prizes will be available as well (funded by players purchasing from partner websites, etc.)

The BattleStore will evolve over time, and we will do our best to respond to our user's interests. Different items will be available for redemption; from stickers and controller grips to higher-value items like headsets, custom controllers, and even consoles, games, and gift-cards.

To begin, we will support PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam and are working on support as well.
In the beginning we will focus on the more popular PvP games out there (e.g. MW3, BF3, etc) but our goal is to support gamers wherever they want to play. Any game with a clearly defined set of rules that allows a winner to be chosen can be supported.

I encourage you to pre-register for the Beta, and send us any questions or suggestions you may have. We'll listen.

We're currently working on a FAQ that should be completed soon. It was partially inspired by your comment, so I thank you for that.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you on the site once Beta launches!

Casey McNeil

CrimsonessCross2225d ago

Trustworthy is always key, and I hope there won't be a bad apple.

Right on with the Steam deal and the PvP games, always the most fun.

Hopefully not a whole lot of people are in the lobbies where third-party programs can actually be accessed, I wish I had the money for MW3 and BF3 matches to help out the site (Had them on 360, traded them in haha)

I guess I don't really understand the "Having sponsors isn't really all that important though, as non-sponsored prizes will be available as well (paid for when players purchased from partner websites, etc,.)"

What would be the benefit from not just purchasing it from another website from the get-go? and what are these "Non-sponsored prizes?"

BattlePerks2225d ago


You asked,
"What would be the benefit from not just purchasing it from another website from the get-go? and what are these "Non-sponsored prizes?"

When players purchase their games and gear from partner sites, they will earn points for these purchases. They are buying these items anyway, so the benefit for them is the points they can use to wager in the ladder matches.

The non-sponsored prizes are simply items that are not made available by companies who are looking to get the word out. Basically, any item from a company who *isn't* a sponsor.

Thanks for your comments, and we look forward to seeing on the site!

Best Regards,

Casey McNeil