LazyTown game for Wii is possible

The company behind LazyTown are currently in talks with Nintendo about creating a Wii video game.

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OneAboveAll2225d ago

Nintendo... SOOOO HARDCORE...

zeal0us2225d ago

Wow I can't tell if this new is satire or actual news.

Pozzle2224d ago

Is it sad that I'd totally buy a Lazytown dance game if one was made? :O

SeekeroftheDawn2224d ago

I don't think so; that show's adorable!

SKUD2224d ago

What about a Charlie Waffles game?.

Unlimax2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Forget about WII U Exclusives !

If that was a WII U Exclusive , I'm gonna get one for this game Immediately !!

No Joke .

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