Steam: How Open is Open Steam. That digital distribution platform we all fell in love with when it came to life in 2003. It was originally created to just patch up properly your Counter Strike. For 2 years it only sold Valve games. It ensured that are you to date and also that they are legitimate copies. And then in 2005 we saw the first 3rd party titles start to appear on the platform. However it took another 2 years to convince the “big boys” to put your goodies in the Steam. In 2007 we saw id Software, Eidos Interactive and Capcom join the party. Bear in mind that already in 2005 Valve said they were making money and the platform was heading for more and more titles, which would equal more green....

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aliengmr2226d ago

Just because Steam is the biggest doesn't make it a "closed environment" to the exclusion of all others. They haven't locked down the PC so that any game you play must go through Steam.

Also, the article doesn't mention How indies get the same visibility as AAA titles and aren't relegated to some sub menu to be lost among the rest.

All I can say is, that I prefer Valve being the leader of DD as a opposed to EA and the like.

kesvalk2226d ago

really sometime it seems as EA is paying these guys to badmouth Steam...

Steam is the closest you can get to a Gamer Utopia.