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EDF 20174323d ago

Best F'in game on the 360 hand down, looks awesome too on my 46" plasma.

giovonni4323d ago

It's a great game that may have started a trend. The future of this game is going to be bright, the only problem I had was it's a real easy rpg. I didn't level up my any of my armor and still beat the game

i Shank u4323d ago

what difficulty did you play it on? the two unlockable difficulty levels give alot more challenge, im playing the hardest right now (insane i believe) w/a new character and the snipers are the most godawful thing ever

ThaGeNeCySt4323d ago

I'm In


400 ms points for 90 minutes worth of new content? YEEESSSS


Awesome - I'll take all the Bioware DLC they'll give us !

Dark_Vendetta4323d ago

You're not the only one. I really can't get enough of Mass Effect

mighty_douche4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Does Mass Effect not have shadows??

EDIT: once again instead of answering a serious question the kids just hit disagree....

PS360WII4323d ago

I'm not sure really and I've beaten the game 4 times already... hmm just something I don't care about I guess. Sorry I couldn't help answer your question but I figure I have to say something seeing all you get are disagrees rather than an answer.

mighty_douche4323d ago

lol, cheers for the replay anyway! and 4 times! good on ya man!

im only asking because theres obviously shadow on the charaters but non on the floor, look at the dog thing, it looks like its floating or something.

maybe im a little fussy.

PS360WII4323d ago

heh that is a bit odd isn't it. Yea that vermer (think that's what they called it) does look like it's floating ^^

Mr_Kuwabara4323d ago

I think that by disagreeing, there actually answering your question.

power of Green 4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Many have not payed attention and many have, what are the odds you've never seen them owning the game(not saying you have ever owned the game.

Yes it has shadows lol. The lighting in the game is pretty dam dynamic.

Just last night I was messing around with the shadows trying to see if I could see Shepards lips move in his shadow, just thought I'd reply considing I was just testing the shadows strange. Couldn't see lip movments in the shadows though as expected, I know I was being silly.

2.4, I think they're dissagreeing because its an ridiculous question or maybe they know there is shadows or they thought the comment was spam and think this guy can careless about the game and came in here for other purposes

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Yi-Long4323d ago

... another DLC scam.

You cant tell me they couldnt have included this content for the Xmas release...

okcomputer4323d ago

Yea, shame on them for trying to make money. You'd think they were a business or something.

If you don't want it, don't buy it. I was more than happy with mass effect and felt like I certainly got my money's worth. If they want to add new content and charge for it thats fine with me as long as the quality is the same level.

Yi-Long4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I just long back to the days where you would spend 60 bucks on a game, and you would have the complete experience.

Nowadays, you spend 60 bucks on a game, and withing weeks/months they come along with DLC (that often could and should have been included in the retail version, but was purposely left out in order to make extra cash later on...) to make you spend even more.

I dont like it. If you make a game and you know you are going to release more stuff for it, which should have been in there, why not lower the retail price of the game, to 50 bucks orso, so when the DLC comes along and you DL it, it will still add up to 60... !?

(or just thank all your costumers who went out and bought your product, by offering the DLC for free... )

Anyway, all this DLC news just means I will wait untill Mass Effect will be budget-priced before I'll buy it...

power of Green 4323d ago

Guess you'll be missing out on scores of game joy, guess you should pick up a Wii lol.

Yi-Long4323d ago

I wont be missing out. I'll just spend my money on games that dont bother with charging me extra for stuff they should have included in the first place...

...and I'll get Mass Effect next winter, when it's in the bargain bins for 30 bucks orso.
If it didnt have the DLC scam, I would have bought it full-price, but I dont wanna pay more than 60 bucks for ANY game, so I wont bother now.

BLACKJACK VII4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )


Like Halo maps or COD4 maps or Gears maps ? What you call a scam I say is additional content that we did not have access to last gen. (Except for KOTOR expansion & the Halo 1 & 2 maps). Besides, no one is forcing you to purchase the DLC, it is optional... & will most likely be free when you purchase Mass Effect in 2009.

For me, being a big fan of Bioware & Mass Effect, I don't mind shelling out $5 for another 90 minutes of the experience. Those that do, wait until it's free.

If you don't like games with DLC, purchase a Wii or a PS2. Games are cheaper too.

Yi-Long4323d ago

... to not buy a game, untill it's budgetpriced and the DLC is free.
I'm still waiting for the DLC for Crackdown to become free, so I can pick that game up.

And I have no need for a PS2 or a Wii (although I will get a Wii later, but not for the DLC issue, but for the 4-5 good games that I'm interested on playing)

I just feel that we already pay more than enough for games, especially here in Holland where it's 60-70 euro for a game (that's 90-100 US dollars), which is ridiculous ofcourse.
If we also add the extra costs for the DLC, and the fact that you pretty much LOSE your purchased DLC when your 360 breaks down and gets replaced, means I'm not real eager to take part in the whole DLC game.

And you call it EXTRA content, but with a lot of content I get a distinct feeling that stuff has been intentionally left out of the retail version, just so they could sell it and charge extra, shortly after they've released the retail version.
So basically they have found a new way to just charge more for a game, and making it less practical at the same time.

In short: this whole DLC thing is just a new way of ripping us off.
And yeah, occasionally the extra content IS original, and IS worth the extra money... but overall in alot of the occasions, it just feels like an easy cash-in...

PS360WII4323d ago

The only thing I don't like about this DLC era is if a dev puts an unfinished game on the market then releases a patch to fix up the bugs by an update. Don't release the game in the first place!

Now saying that Mass Effect is a complete game. You don't need the DLC in order to finish and see the game in it's entirety.


"here in Holland where it's 60-70 euro for a game (that's 90-100 US dollars)..."


That IS ridiculous... I can better understand your points now. I agree $60 US is too much to pay, much less what you are paying. That sucks man, I feel bad now, I see why you are concerned when you pay that much for the game already. Well, I do hope you will get Mass Effect one day, it is the best story told in video games this generation. Peace.

Yi-Long4323d ago

... although it's not JUST a money issue for me. Money-wise, I CAN afford it. But it's just a matter of principle.
Like I said, some DLC has taken extra work from the developers and IS worth the money... and in some of those cases I can understand why they charge us gamers for it (although, at the same time, I'd just prefer it if they would provide the extra DLC as a kind of 'thank you for buying and enjoying our game; here is some extra stuff you might enjoy!' free offer.

...but in ALOT of cases it seems and feels like a developer has intentionally left out content, and rushed an unfinished product out the door, only to make extra cash from the DL, which brings the total price of the game to over 70+ euro, which is just NUTS ofcourse.

So like I say, it's a matter of principle. I rather spend my money on a game that doesnt play that kind of trick, or even better, I'm way more willing to spend my cash on a developer that DOES provide all the DLC for free. I believe Virtua Fighter 5's DLC is free? That's a game I'll be buying!

Luckily, there are still enough great games that do NOT try to scam us using DLC, so I'll just buy those games, and maybe in a few years I'll pick up some of the games that I now boycot, when they're cheap and the DLC is free.

i Shank u4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Pc games have been getting expansions since i can remember; this is a small expansion, at a small price. $5! : ) I know games on PC often recieve multiple $20 + expansions, so no new ideas there. In many cases XBL DLC is scammish and vile, but imo this is not one of those examples.

@ blackjack - will they eventually make this free like they do to maps? i thought this being an expansion might mean it will never be free, like how the guitar hero 2 song packs from a year ago still cost the same : (

three cheers for FREE-dom!

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mariusmal4323d ago

yeah, great news. one of my favorite games, so any DLC would be welcome.

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