Essential PS3 exclusives – Part 1

TGC writes: Though the Xbox 360 may have gotten off to a good start in terms of the quicker console release, and some excellent exclusives of its own back in the early days, not to mention overall sales, the much loved PS3 refused to surrender, and came back fighting with more and more quality exclusives of its own over the years. These exclusives played to the PS3’s strengths as a console; the superior hardware, the Japanese origins, and of course, the earlier Playstation franchises.

And so, here is the first list, containing five PS3 exclusives you really must play before the next generation of consoles arrives. Enjoy.

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StrongMan2319d ago

I'd add Warhawk to the list.

Megaton2318d ago

Game was decent when it first came out. Does anyone play it anymore?

Gaming1012317d ago

lol these were all games that came out in 2008 and prior, if anyone hadn't noticed the list is a recycled list that was printed from back then.

BitbyDeath2317d ago

Averages around 3000 a day i believe. Not as much as it used to get.

Sizzon2319d ago

I like a crack in time more than tools of destruction :p

Relientk772318d ago

Definitely, A Crack in Time is awesome

Megaton2318d ago

I'd only say MGS4 is essential if you're already a fan. While I think it's one of the best games ever made, I completely understand when someone says they don't like it. It's Metal Gear in its purest form, designed as fan service. It's definitely an acquired taste.

Ruggadagod2318d ago

PS3 has exclusives to cater to all tastes real talk.

GTRrocker6662318d ago

I liked resistance 2 and 3 as well as killzone 2 and 3. Best fps games ever imo

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