Retro Rewind: Dino Crisis 2

TGC writes: Printed directly onto the rear of the game case, that statement attempts and indeed succeeds at summing up the game you’re about to play. I have a theory I’ve developed for sequels called “The Aliens effect”. Alien was a work of genius; cramped, dark and filled with terror. Aliens took what made the original great, injected fresh elements and became one of the greatest sequels ever produced. Both films are different yes, but they both mesh together in perfect terror ridden harmony. The same is true here, if Dino Crisis was Alien then believe me, Dino Crisis 2 is most certainly Aliens.

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2276d ago
DarkSymbiote2276d ago

I hope they never make another one akin to DC2. Now the first game, that was amazing.

Venox20082276d ago

game is good, but first one is way better