5 of the best expansion packs and DLC that graced the world of gaming

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: DLC and expansions share the sole purpose of adding extra playability to games, but while their ends are the same, often their executions are not. There is much controversy about DLC, specifically Day One or On-Disc DLC which could have been included in the original product, whereas some cry out for the return of expansion packs, which they feel held far much more extra content and appeal than their downloadable counterparts. Despite this, DLC sales sky-rocket, adding to people's experiences daily and their are certainly some that are far better than others; Here are some of the DLCs I feel stand out.

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stragomccloud2225d ago

A little off topic here, but, does anyone remember the Titans expansion for Age of Mythology? I think that's the only expansion to ever make a game worse! The Atlantians totally upset the balance of the game.

TekoIie2225d ago

Had a good campaign though so it wasn't all bad :)

stragomccloud2224d ago

Yeah. I really liked the campaign! The multiplayer/skirmishes were a bit ruined, however.

Allowen2225d ago

I loved the Shivering Isles from The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion.

ITFGaming2225d ago

Really enjoyed the Arkham City add-on packs.

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