Jumping to Conclusions is Fun: Why You Shouldn't Judge a Game By Its Cover

GP Editor Jordan Haygood discusses six different myths that exist in the gaming community today and why people shouldn't jump to these conclusions automatically.

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GribbleGrunger2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

This is weird because I was having this very conversation over at a LBP forum. Many people look at the cover of a LBP game and immediately think it's a kids game. It's not until you personally introduce those people to the create mode that they realise it's nothing like a kids game. Nothing makes that hit home harder than when you start learning Boolean logic. A lot of the LBP community is made up of maths teachers and that's no coincidence.

3-4-52222d ago

I actually like the more cheery colorful type of covers. They are more appealing.

It's the Dark/grey/black/brown ..blahh type of covers that lead to less sales of game.

It' so easy, cheap and simple to create a GREAT cover..It's odd that 80% of dev's don't realize this.

doogiebear2222d ago

Beyond Good & Evil had a stupid looking cover, yet it was a great game.