You Can Get Taste Of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Today

Have you been anticipating PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale all year but wasn’t invited into the private beta? No worries, you can get a taste of the game right now!

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iXenon2225d ago

Hopefully, the public beta (and the PSN demo, if it comes out) will feature more characters.

XB1_PS42225d ago

" But instinct, I blurted out “holy shit” and I’m not even excited for the game."
I laughed. Lol, I need to make a stop at my gamestop to see if they have this. I want to get my hands on it!

Spenok2225d ago

I was in a gamestop yesterday... and didn't see (didn't look so I easily could have missed it) this. Maybe i'll have to go to one again today just for this. :D

360ICE2225d ago

Well, this plan involved going outside. It's weekend. I'm not gonna put myself on the line like that.

360ICE2223d ago

Why? Will I meet prince charming or something? :P

dboi7872224d ago

My game doesn't even have a working DualShock. :(