Broken Wii U Game Pad replacements will be available ‘for a fee’ says Nintendo

Gimme Gimme Games was told by a Nintendo of America Representative that people who brake their Wii U Game Pads will be able to contact Nintendo Customer Service and get a replacement controller 'for a fee'.

So just because Nintendo won't be selling Wii U Game Pads separately in North America doesn't mean you won't be able to get yours replaced if it should be broken by physically damaged.

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RmanX10002228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Well this time we cant 'accidentally' throw them at the tv.

PopRocks3592228d ago

Yeah well someone out there will be stupid enough to break their gamepad in such a manner.

iamnsuperman2228d ago

That is great however what happens if you accidentally stand on it as the warranty doesn't cover physical damage.

mrbojingles2228d ago

I believe that means you have to pay the fee and get it replaced. Though Nintendo didn't say how much that fee would be

meganick2228d ago

Good, I was concerned about this when I heard the announcement the Gamepad wouldn't be sold separately. Good to know I can get a replacement if needed. Hopefully Nintendo won't overcharge.

baraka0072228d ago

why youz no give me frees stuffz Nintendawg?