Why Sony should strive to have the most powerful console Next generation

Many gamers and press like to blame Sony’s incessant need to have the most powerful console as the reason as to why they are in last place this generation . While that may be true would like to look at the other side of this coin and how Sony wanting to have the most powerful console could of possibly benefitted the PS3. And could look to help the PS4 next generation if they strive for the most powerful console again.

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jack who3847d ago

they did that this gen what did it get them?

NastyLeftHook03847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

1.1 the most powerful console with

. the best exclusive console game (9.6)between the two.

. a game that won more awards than any other game in history.

.a next gen media format (bluray)
.the jadropping last of us

. there the number 1 console sold worldwide.

.there the only game company that has actually upgraded and uses 1 disk.

.they have the more exclusives and care about there fans(free online.

.they brought fantastic deals like ps plus

and the most important is they brought unique jaw dropping titles like heavy rain, littlebigplanet,
god of war, infamous, metal gear solid 4...

gt55 sold 10m units.

sony has done alot. and i thank them for not abandoning the hardcore.

Carl_Shocker3847d ago

" sony has done alot. and i thank them for not abandoning the hardcore. "

I think people forget this, despite them being in some financial situation they havent once sold us out for the casual audience like MS or Nintendo did

Irishguy953847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Yes, and either way, Sony actually got nothing out of it except respect. Money makes companies spin. Not respect.

Either way, they can still strive to have the most powerful without spending so much ****ing money doing it.

Dms20123846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Tell that to my Ps3 that is in a box with its 2nd busted Blu Ray drive. Not making this up.

SlipperyMooseCakes3846d ago

1.) Best exclusives is usually subjective. While the PS3 has a wonderful and highly rated first party line up (for the most part), keep in mind a lot of 3rd party games suffered because of the PS3 being the way it is.

2.) A little redundant there, see number one.

3.) Blu-Ray isn't something they earned by being the most powerful console, it was included in the console. That really is neither here nor there.

4.) They are the number one selling console this year so far, not the number one console sold. They are actually just slightly in last place.

5.) You're repeating yourself again with the Blu-Ray.

6.) The Wii has more exclusives over all, and the 360 has more than the PS3. I see what you are saying though, that they have an awesome first party line up and that is true.

7.) PS+ is awesome, that doesn't have anything to do with the power of the system for the most part. The same things could be done on the 360.

8.) Again, repeating yourself with the first party titles.

9.) GT5 sold very well, the previous iterations sold better though, when the PlayStation was not the most powerful console on the market. See previous generations.

ronin4life3846d ago

I noticed you left out the Wii... which happens to have the highest rated game and the highest selling high rated games.

makemyteapunk3846d ago

I hope you get paid by Sony for posting such nonsense, because if you dont....well....

tordavis3846d ago

Not a single thing you said has anything to do with the Playstation 3 being the most powerful console.

cobblestone193846d ago

It hasn't been a perfect ride with the ps3 this Gen. But the same can be said for the wii/360. But to me, the ps3 was the console to own this Gen. It, hands down, has the highest number of QUALITY games. And thats all that I care about. But, along with that, the best looking console games of the whole Gen. And the best is yet to come with beyond, tlou and ascension next year. Oh and, the Wii actually has the lowest number of quality titles. So it's a shame that it, technically, won this Gen. But to me, the ps3 won. Oh and... OMFG I am excited for PSASBR!!!!!

3846d ago
BattleAxe3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

@ tentonsoftube

"sony has done alot. and i thank them for not abandoning the hardcore."

Here Here!!! Give this man a round of applause!

@ tordavis

"Not a single thing you said has anything to do with the Playstation 3 being the most powerful console"

Man, you are the biggest non-gamer around. You probably don't even use that so called "gaming PC" you built for gaming. Nothing that you ever say is in any way shape or form, the least bit constructive. You're a stealth xbox 360 fanboy that likes to pull out all of your Nintendo and Sony hardware as if it were proof that you are an all around gamer. You've been on Sony's case for years, and its just not getting you anywhere. When I scrolled over your comment, my screen got all steamed up from the hot air that was emanating from the comment you made.

@ j-blaze

Your comments show just how much of a straight up noob you are, and frankly, you just don't make any sense. so you think that Sony got the idea of an HDD from MS? Really??

Brosy3846d ago

Sony has only had the most pwerful console one time in the Playstation brands life. And they are in last place. With Sony in the financial trouble they are in, I wouldnt hold my breath on them having the most powerful console next gen. Even though the rumor is that the PS3 has theoritaclly got more power than the 360, you wouldnt believe it the way the 360 outperforms the PS3 on multiplats on a monthly basis.

BusterFang3846d ago

Guess he thinks the same in regards to the cell phone industry adding tech that the competitors have lol (touch screens, cameras, voice command, etc etc...for anyone who owns a cell @[email protected])

OneAboveAll3846d ago

Failed to mention all the cons it has too though. The launch price being $600 and the terrible account security.

strifeblade3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

number one selling console? no in fact both 360 and wii have more consoles sold. they dont care about fans they care about money like any other company. you think next gen they wont announce a pay to play online similar to xbox you are kidding yourself- if they dont they are throwing away huge profit. sony is in a dire business state, they worth less than nintendo- they need to turn some policies around for sony to become profitable again. Their exclusives are under advertised- too many exclusives is great for gamers but bad when they dont sell.

r1sh123846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Having the most powerful console doesn't make them the best.
Whats made Sony very good is the games and exclusives they have.
I pretty much bought my PS3 because of the exclusives, not because of the blu ray or the cell processor.

BLu ray is a great technology but Sony are kicking themselves, because physical media sales have been dropping since the release of blu ray technology due to netflix and similar services for films/TV shows etc.

The cell processor might be very powerful, but the 2 main components that hold back consoles are RAM and graphics cards/Chips.

For me it was about the range of games Sony have and the games that are going to come.
Sony as a company are pretty awful, they've made terrible decisions and all the other products (excluding the PS3) are inferior to the competition. Thats a fact, hence why Sony are losing money in every department except gaming/Ps3.

And just to add - The Wii is the best console by a long way. All of this next gen nonsense has been disproved by nintendo. Make a product that everyone wants, have some decent games and money will be thrown at you.

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Hatsune-Miku3847d ago

Because next gen starts when Sony says so.

T9003847d ago

So why are Sony borrowing parts from old PC tech? Open your eyes next gen has been out long before, its just that console makers are always playing catch up.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3847d ago

Your right! Planetside 2!!! 20000 player shooter is next gen!

BusterFang3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I'd rather say next gen starts for [insert company] when they release their new console rather than just group it all together. Even though it does begin with whoever releases first (which happens to be Wii U), but to each their own? I guess. Waiting to see what will be brought to the table by Sony and Microsoft. Definitely Sony since they better have learned from any mistakes made this gen.

EDIT: I'm looking forward to PlanetSide 2 as well shutUpAndTakeMyMoney.


umm why do u only look at the negatives? Sony also have benefitted from having the extra power its a give and take

StreetsofRage3847d ago

A console that can't run Skyrim cannot be called the most powerful console this gen.

The number 1 console sold worldwide? Still trying to believe your lies. Sad.

MysticStrummer3847d ago

"A console that can't run Skyrim cannot be called the most powerful console this gen."

Ridiculous. Raw power is raw power, and bad code is bad code. There's a reason Elder Scrolls games are best played on PC, and that's because users can fix the game with mods. Bethesda has some great ideas, but they can't code worth a damn. That's been true since Arena. If they couldn't put their game on PS3 properly they shouldn't have committed to do so. It's pretty late in the gen to claim it's the hardware's fault.

As for the worldwide thing, PS3 and 360 are basically tied for second so I don't know what the "number one" thing is about. The Wii is clearly number one, though that fact makes me sad for gaming.

Computersaysno3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Raw power is raw power and meaningless much of the time in consoles close for performance.

How you use power matters more, doesn't it always?

360 is more flexible and uses its performance better. More powerful? Not really, but powerful enough that its flexibility beats out PS3 a good 8 times out of 10 when you look at games.

If PS3's raw power was that significant then every single PS3 game should easily beat every single 360 game. Like a gaming PC.

Obviously that is not the case and Skyrim is just another of the long list of examples to back that up.

Oh_Yeah3846d ago

whether you like it or not, @Computersaysno is right. The 360 outperforms the ps3 in majority of multi-plat games, specifically 360 handles open world games better due to its ram being able to be shared, making a easier job for the devs, hence why there is sub hd in red dead redemption on ps3 and more problems with bethesdas skyrim and fallouts.

The ps3 exclusives on the other hand vs the 360s? we all know the ps3 outdoes the 360 in that area with more quality and quantity, sony's devs just have more talent. now some say thats opinion...but its a hard one to argue lol.

one2thr3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

And Infamous, isn't open world?... A ported game from pc, would work better on console architecture that is similar to a pc's architecture that's just plain commonsense. But if a developer decides to go that extra mile for example Valve, and make a game actually WORK unlike said poorly coded Skyrim, then what's the point trying to down play a console because of its small difficulties?

Heck MS, has said themselves that if a multiplat seems to lack certain features, in other words seem inferior compared to the other console, they'll (Ms) will not support that companies game..

And if the 360 is on the same playing field as the Ps3, then why hasnt there been a racing game on it that looks better than the first motorstorm(in terms of realtime photo-realism), or a fps title that looks better than killzone 2 with a equal or more dynamic enemy AI?....

The only logical explaination is that the 360devs are either lacking skills or that the 360 is actually inferior compared to the PS3 and that you guys are lying to yourselves by saying there equals...

Doesn't matter much to me, I get the best of 3 worlds Pc/PS3/PSVita

StreetsofRage3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Yeah Infamous is open world and it sucked! The graphics are horrible. The Ps3's best games are all small box linear games like Uncharted. What I mean by small box is your whole gaming experience is confined to a small area.

Tell me this, if the ps3 is so powerful, why hasn't their been an exclusive with the size of GTA4, Red Dead, Fallout 3, or Skyrim? Easy answer, because it can't run them because of the lack of ram. The games I mentioned run way better on the 360. And even tho' Uncharted is amazing, in my opinion, it doesn't come close to the awesomeness of Skyrim, therefore, the PS3 cannot be called the most powerful console this gen.

And your comment about Motorstorm and Killzone 2 is just stupid.

And I'm the one that has the best of both worlds in Xbox 360 and Ps3. You can't play the best racing sim in Forza this gen on the PC. You can't play the best FPS exclusive in Halo 4 in the PC. And you can't play the best third person shooter in Gears 3 on the PC. I can play all of them. :)

stragomccloud3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

@one2thr and streets of rage

In these cases, I suppose I have the best of countless worlds.
NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U preordered, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS Lite, 3DS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, and of course a sweet PC rig.

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Perjoss3847d ago

"Sony should strive to have the most powerful console Next generation"

Not only this, but Sony should strive to make the PS4 slightly easier to develop for, seeing as many devs complain that this is an issue.

Thatguy-3103847d ago

Think they are. They're one of the only company's that strive for that and thats why the price for their products are so high. I hope they do though. I mean look at all the great exclusives we got that showed off the power of the cell.

ChickeyCantor3847d ago

"they did that this gen what did it get them?"

Both 360 and PS3 were struggling maintaining 720p at a steady framerate.

Please people. Stop with the "most powerful hardware" BS. It makes you look like a goddamn tool.

Jazz41083846d ago

I cant believe so many people still use the ps3 as it really does not do one thing very well. It feels very tacked on and a mess to code for anda hassle to use compared to the 360.

kikizoo3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Lol @Xbox fanboyz in denial fest...

real believer, so pathetic....multiplatforms are exactly the same most of the time, or differences can't be seen when you are playing (not so good for ps3, ok, since most powerfull console should have better ports), only worst xfanboyz are always believing this "lensoftruth" shit, transforming little to no differences in "run and look better" LOL, and exclusives from competitors can't compete with playstation ones, quantity and quality, it's just a fact...just check reviews, award, and buy a pair of glasses if it's not enough.

oh, nintendo delusional fans are here too :
"I noticed you left out the Wii... which happens to have the highest rated game and the highest selling high rated games."

First, you can't compare wii scores with better hardware scores (a 9 for wii it's a 6 for ps3, at best), and even if you make that mistake : ps3 has way more and better exclusives than anything this gen, it's just a metacritic fact..and most of all, it's obvious if you are a gamer more than a fanboy.

by the way, it's stupid to think "most powerfull= less sales this year, so they have to do a less powerfull consoles than competitor"..only price, propaganda (paid medias, etc), and fanboyz stopped the ps3 to being first vs it's true competitor, 360(but they are selling better than xbox since launch, and are on par for global sales, despite 1 year late launch)

Eyeco3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

almost everything that went wrong with the PS3 this generation can be attributed to the messy launch.

And even still the Console is still near the 70 million mark and may reach 100 million mark seeing as sony usually supports there consoles for 10+ years, if thats a failure what the hell do you call 95% of all consoles released before it?

Angrymorgan3846d ago

I don't think it matters

If m/soft or sony bring out the big specs because apart from exclusives, games are pretty much the same on either console.
Generally 3rd party games are developed for the weaker console and ported over to the other so it ain't gonna matter which is more powerfully unless there is a HUGE difference.

Tsar4ever013846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Sony's next-gen ORBIS console should strive to have the MOST DEV USER FRIENDLY ARCHETECURE/PC-ish & DX11.? api, the most in-board SYSTEM MEMORY RAM/8GB or more, in-board flash memory 16-32GB for fastest OS Boot-up & dloaded HDD games, Google Chrome's web Browser w cloud service/Gaikai. All PS Orbis's HDD should be the recent "500GB 2.5'Seagate Momentus XT hybrid SSD Hybrid drive" and of coarse a speedier Bluray drive, at least 6-8X speed. Than most of this gens probs would be ironed out.

*see Segate Momentus XT hybrid SSD, "Adaptive Memory Technology".

gintoki7773846d ago

why sony should create big sausage for you to eat

showtimefolks3846d ago

while i do think we can expect a system that will push some limits just look at Vita, while people complain about not having many games one thing everyone agrees with is its high tech handheld.

I think you look at Vita launch and launch price for system one thing is for sure sony knows price is very important. here are few things i would expect from sony considering they are not in any position to loose a lot of money:

Their new system will make money from day one
PSN will remain free while they will add cross game chat

A more developer friendly system a lot more i think this is still a major sour point when it comes to ps3 development by 3rd party, While i also agree by now everyone should have a clear handle on this. Yes i am looking at you Bethesda

games,games,games and more games while sont has lost money and MS went all kinect and casual on us Sony has remained with core fanbase. I think going forward MS will loose some of its core audience because of how they have treated us the last 2-3 years. They saw wii making money and they forgot about us even though we made them successful by buying an incomplete machine that had a high failure rate

and let's not act like sony failed or anything they launched a system for $600 bucks and outsold everyone plus atleast they moved some tech forward and didn't go with DVD and also play uncharted 3 in 3D and you will see how awesome that is.

so while fanboys call sony copy cats and yes they do copy others they have also done enough to be them self.

PS4 is a day one buy for me personally

Its between xbox720/wiiu that the question for me personally, one company has awesome 1st party exclusives that we will be able to play in HD for the 1st time while other has 3-4 same exclusives they keep launching. When MS had a good lead and were doing well they should have kept the support up. Even though they went after casual market sony has still outsold them or sold neck and neck while catering to core audience

wii-u is a good start but next gen doesn't start till we hear from ms and sony(IMO)

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MDC313847d ago ShowReplies(3)
PirateThom3847d ago

I don't think they have a choice any more.

Like it or not, PS3 was a trojan horse for Blu-ray which was part of their plan.

Now, with Sony pushing 4K resolution TVs, they'll need a console at least capable of 4K resolution games, even if it's the same as PS3 where only a limited number of games support it. That's going to require some power to achieve.

Sony's unified global strategy means their 4K TVs need 4K capable devices and PlayStation still holds weight, despite what the haters (mostly American media to be fair) seem to think.

KMCROC543847d ago

if that the Case then most PS gamer are never going par take in said console,cause most will not be able to afford Tv's that cost 19k to 25k.

a_squirrel3847d ago

Wait, you mean like first HD lcds?

KMCROC543846d ago

@a_squirrel these 4k tv are start way higer than the first Lcd or Hd

BrutallyBlunt3847d ago

Blu-ray was their main plan and because of that their focus on gaming got lost in the beginning. The split in RAM, slow read speeds and not a very powerful GPU hindered it as well.

I expect the PS4 to be more reasonably priced and a more conservative effort. Ken Kutaragi is gone and Sony needs to focus more on earning profits earlier on. The system will also be a lot more developer friendly, it has to be.

attilayavuzer3846d ago

4k..if that's not the definition of unnecessary technology I don't know what is. The only reason they'd be sane to promote it is because of how little they're making off current hdtvs.

They need to focus on getting everything running at 1080p 60fps no exceptions...then if developers feel that full HD isn't good enough they can experiment with 4k...but honestly that would destroy performance to a point that I don't see why they'd bother. You'd need a machine far more powerful than the next generation of consoles.

Dreamer093847d ago

But it'll still be lacking behind my PC whenever it's released.

Playstation fans needs to realise this "raw power" will NEVER happen. Unless you want a console costing £600+.

Expect dated hardware and gimped architecture.

MysticStrummer3847d ago

PC fans need to learn to read the word "console" in the title of an article.

ALLWRONG3847d ago

Console fans need to learn that consoles are just PC's

Ayabrea1233847d ago

Thank you. I use a PC as well but sometimes the PC crowd forgets that the P and C in PC means "Personal Computer/ing" Not dedicated consoles. They have the option to play games, it's not its full intentions. I seriously hate that argument. Parents and normal people outside gamers like us are going to make or buy supped up PC for their family or kids. The console is still important and relevant.

FunAndGun3846d ago

Seriously, we know guys. PC is the master race and you are already playing in the future while consoles are playing catch up. thats fine, cool.

PC fans need to realize we game on consoles and don't care about you gaming on PC. I don't care about your ZOF89000 chip or you have the OMGZ graphics card.

Consoles are built with universal restrictions and that is what makes it exciting to see what can be done on these plug and play machines. You SHOULD be able to build a 'monster rig' that is capable of destroying the fabric of time but that doesn't impress because you are comparing two different things.

Its like you taking a gun to an archery range and proclaiming you are the best. Yes, we know you are more efficient and powerful. But I have more fun trying to aim and shoot my arrow in competition with everyone else of the same caliber.

just go to the PC section and talk about who paid for the biggest e-peen already.

XB1_PS43847d ago

I'm sure there will be no issues, this is the second generation of this type of console. The social console.