The Importance of backwards compatibilty on PS4 and its possible effect on 4K remakes

With the announcement of next generation PlayStation looming on the horizon. One question is on my mind will the next PlayStation be Backwards compatible? truly hope this happens and while this may not be a big feature for a new console like it was in past generations. would love to see it return and feel as though now backwards compatibility is more important than ever.

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MDC313844d ago

sounds expensive. hope i wont have to get a third job then

jimbobwahey3844d ago

Backwards compatibility with the PS3 is a major factor in whether I buy a PS3 at launch or not, and I'd be willing to fork over extra cash if it was a feature reserved solely for a 'premium' edition of the console that was more expensive.

If the PS4 is not backwards compatible though? I'll wait for a price drop, since there's far too many PS3 games to play and having multiple consoles by the same manufacturer under the TV is just silly.

I think backwards compatibility should be a standard feature for new consoles from now on anyways, since launch periods (and the first year in general) always see a shortage of games (nevermind games that are actually good) and backwards compatibility alleviates this issue.

decrypt3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Backward compatibility is the reason why you should look to buy all your multiplats on PC. That is in case you want a reliable way of making a library.

On console every gen you will be uncertain of whats going to happen. I personally have over 150games on Steam and hundreds of other old games dating all the way to the Dos days. I dont have a fear in the world that my games wont work when the next gen of games arrive.

Hence the answer is simple want to make a gaming library, PC is where that is at. Consoles just arent ment for that kinda stuff, unless u want to keep buying old consoles and go through the hassle of maintaining them.

edit: infact these last few weeks i been playing some of Nes and Snes games on my PC(using a DS3 controller ;-). You dont get to see those sort of gems on any platform any more. Heck i could playing games from PS1, PS2, or any other console (aside the PS3 or Xbox 360) for that matter.

r213844d ago

Oh man I've been seeing you in most ps3 articles bashing Sony or in Nintendo pretending to love your ps3 and praising nintendo. Entertaining little troll, arent you?

MAJ0R3844d ago

Have a sense of humor. There's no reason to find the poking at fun moments of E3 2006 offensive, especially over an inanimate object.

Irishguy953844d ago

There's no reason to find comments on an inanimate object offensive at all.

360ICE3844d ago

I think there are some inanimate objects that are usually considered offensive to joke about. I'm not going to mention them, because I don't want to offend anyone.

Oh, WTH.
Tumors, aborted fetuses, dead bodies, world trade centers, the Quran, the Bible, other holy books, medical journals and last but not least Michael Jackson.

So yeah.

HarryMasonHerpderp3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I'm pretty sure they will use their cloud streaming service they recently bought to play PS1,PS2 and PS3 games.
I don't think it will actually be in the hardware.

199935683844d ago

Are you talking to MDC31?
If you are, then no, he didn't read the article.
He's just a troll who is in every Sony related article bashing and trolling.
Look at his comment history; he seems more pathetic with every comment you read.

rodiabloalmeida3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I'm definitely NOT buying any 4K remake anytime soon. I don't feel any need for this. It's a waste of money IMHO.

DeadlyFire3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

4K games haha. Not gonna happen.

PC games struggle with 4k. Not a chance in hell a console can do it on gimped hardware half the power of PC standard.

Movie playback and output maybe, but games will be 1080p all this generation. Next generation after PS4/XB3/WiiU we might see a transition to 4K/2160p.

spoonard3844d ago

Backwards compatibility doesn't matter to me so much. I don't find it difficult to throw a game into my PS3 and play it. I have HDMI switches so all I gotta do is grab a controller, flip a switch and i'm ready to go.

TheLyonKing3844d ago

I would gladly pay more for a ps4 BC I miss my phat ps3 which had BC :(

Double_O_Revan3843d ago

I would too. I hate needing multiple systems. It's would be so great to have one playstation to play Everything.

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